FIFA 22: Flashback Neymar Review - Should you unlock the Brazilian superstar?

Neymar is one of the biggest names in world football, and you can now add him to your club in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team!

EA has released a new Flashback SBC for Neymar which is available to unlock, but it isn't cheap.

Not sure whether to add him to the club? Take a look at our player review for more details.

Flashback Neymar SBC

Start Date: Sunday, 13 February

Expiry Date: Sunday, 27 February

SBC Requirements

There are two different squads needed to unlock Neymar's new FIFA 22 Flashback card.

The squad requirements are as follows:


  • Minimum one Brazil player
  • Minimum one TOTW player
  • Minimum 85 Team Rating
  • Minimum 65 Team Chemistry

1 x Prime Electrum Players Pack

Ligue 1

  • Minimum one Ligue 1 player
  • Minimum one TOTW player
  • Minimum 86 Team Rating
  • Minimum 60 Team Chemistry

1 x Rare Mixed Players Pack

Estimated Cost: 280k coins

First Impressions

Sharp on the ball. Any Neymar card is going to be brilliant when dribbling, and the Flashback card is no exception.

There is that 'OP' nature about Neymar as he seems to just wriggle out of situations that other players seem incapable of doing.

The extra pace is also easy to see with the 97 Acceleration coming into play and allowing for a chemistry style to help in other areas.

That being said, in physical tussles his 50 Strength is noticeable, and the volume of missed chances with the weak foot is a concern.

Deep Dive

The Flashback card and Neymar's basic 91 OVR card are remarkably similar, with a difference of only eight between their in-game stats, despite the gap in the OVR rating.

Flashback Neymar is quicker and better at shooting (barring penalties), while the margin for dribbling is minimal.

Basic Neymar is far better at passing, which is really the only attribute category where the main card is significantly better.

90 Stamina for the Flashback card is also a win, although the decrease in the weak foot rating from five-star to four-star is a major blow!

Key Attributes:

  • 98 Agility
  • 97 Acceleration
  • 90 Stamina

RealSport Rating: 7/10


At under 300k coins, this Neymar card is very good value, although his basic card is now priced at roughly 150k!

The weak foot and strength attributes are concerns but not dealbreakers for us as the positives do outweigh the negatives.

If you have the fodder for the SBC, then by all means add Neymar to your club either as an impact sub or starter if he fits your XI.

However, if you are going to have to spend coins to unlock him, you are better off going for a tradeable 91 OVR Neymar instead.

*Reviewed on PS5 by RealSport101 Sports Editor, Michael Wicherek.

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