FIFA 22: FREE player picks coming soon after Year in Review SBC error

It's happened again! Yet another error in a FIFA 22 Ultimate Team SBC has occurred, meaning compensation will be on the way.

It seems like this season has been riddled with errors in Ultimate Team, but fortunately for us, EA has been excellent at dishing out generous compensation in return.

After the free Team of the Season packs dished out earlier this week, we have some more high-value rewards set to appear in our stores.

Year in Review SBC Error

The error in question this time around came in the Year in Review SBC, released on Tuesday, 21 June.

FIFA Direct Communication released the following statement in the early hours of Wednesday morning, announcing that the SBC has been temporarily removed.

This time allowed plenty of players to complete the challenge, so there should be lots of free player picks dished out in the coming days.

Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen's Fantasy FUT item was available in the player picks when he should not have been among the items available.

While players who received Eriksen as a choice in their player picks are the only ones directly impacted, Eriksen being in the player pool alters the percentages of getting the correct rewards.

However small this change might be, EA has compensated all players who completed the challenge in the past, so more player picks should be on the way.

How to complete the SBC

The Year in Review SBC offered players the chance to select a previously released SBC player from March, April, or May.

The challenge is straightforward to complete too, requiring just one squad to submit.

The requirements are as follows:

  • Minimum Team Rating - 86
  • Minimum Team Chemistry - 60

Estimated Cost – 91k

There is no information yet on when the SBC will be made available, so keep an eye here for the latest updates.

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