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The FUTTIES promo has taken over from Shapeshifters in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, starting off the bumper event that will lead us to the end of FUT22.

The promo will bring us loads of fan-favourite and 'Best Of' players from the FUT 22 campaign.

Find out all you need to know about the FUTTIES promo below, including how the event works, the latest news, and rumours around the cards.

LATEST - Scintillating Salah

Mohamed Salah is the latest man to gain a Premium FUTTIES version in FUT 22, and it's one hell of a card!

With 99 PAC, 99 SHO, 96 PAS and 99 DRI he will be insane in and around the box, and he now has 88 PHY too!

It's not just his stats that have changed, his position has been switched in this version to a CAM, giving you plenty more ways to fit him in your side.

Find out how to unlock the Premium FUTTIES Mohamed Salah here.

Release Date

FUTTIES launched fully on Friday, 15 July at 1pm ET / 6pm BST, with the first 'Best Of' card batch replacing Shapeshifters Team 4 in packs.

SBCs and objectives for FUTTIES cards also dropped at the same time, with massive boosts coming to the selected players.

The first FUTTIES player pick landed on Wednesday, 13 July, signalling the start of the promo.

Batch 1 was replaced after a week by the 'Best Of' Batch 2 on Friday, 22 July, which then stayed in packs for two weeks.

The 'Best Of' Batch 3 cards replaced that set on Friday, 5 August at 1pm ET / 6pm BST and will again stay in packs for two weeks, leaving on Friday, 19 August.

'Best Of' Batch 1

The FUTTIES promo kicked off proper with the first 'Best Of' release coming to packs, and SBC and objectives FUTTIES cards joining the game.

The star of the show was Kylian Mbappe's Team of the Year version, which we knew was coming through the loading screen tease.

You can check out the full 'Best Of' Batch 1 release right here.

'Best Of' Batch 2

The 'Best Of' Batch 2 re-released cards have hit packs, highlighting another set of top-quality players from the FUT 22 campaign, including Team of the Season versions!

It also appears that if another version of a player from Batch 1 didn't appear in Batch 2 (e.g. Neymar Winter Wildcards has been replaced by his TOTS version) then cards from the first batch are still in packs!

That means 150 promo cards are now up for grabs, so get on it to unlock as many player picks and packs as you can.

You can check out the full 'Best Of' Batch 2 player list right here.

'Best Of' Batch 3

The 'Best Of' Batch 3 is the final set of re-released cards coming to packs, showcasing the best talents FUT 22 has to offer.

Once again, if a player didn't receive an upgraded version in the latest batch, then their card will stay in the player pool from batches 1 and 2, meaning there are now 200 promo players available.

You can check out the full 'Best Of' Batch 3 player list right here.

New Premium FUTTIES Items

A new card type has been released during the FUTTIES promo, called Premium FUTTIES.

These will be given to the winners of the FUTTIES Weekly Voting when released via SBC and for certain objectives players.

The Premium versions have an upgraded Chemistry system that matches the way FUT Heroes cards work, green linking to any player in the same league as them.

You can tell a Premium FUTTIES card apart from the standard one because the card design is slightly different, with a small crown just above their rating.

SBC and Objective Players

The following players have received boosted FUTTIES versions in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

What is FUTTIES?

FUTTIES is a regular promo that was first seen in FIFA 15 and has returned each year - bar FIFA 20 - since.

It is usually the last event of the current FIFA cycle and has a few different aspects to it, all looking at the 'Best Of' and most popular cards from the season gone by.

On select days of the event, the FUTTIES Weekly Voting will present you with a Player Pick pack upon login to FUT, showcasing three FUTTIES Nominees, and whichever one you pick will gain a vote.

The two players that receive the most votes from the community will get a boosted Premium FUTTIES item via SBC later that week.

The winning players will also gain an upgrade depending on the theme of the week, such as 'Position Change' or '5* Weak Foot'.

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UNREAL TALENT - The 'Best Of' re-releases will be the highlight of the promo

FUTTIES Favourites will be released each week of the campaign, themed around a specific month and popular FUT player from that period, with items coming via SBC and objectives.

There are also the 'Best Of' Re-Releases, where a bunch of the best players from FIFA 22 will be added back to packs, spread across three batches during the campaign.

Finally, there will be the FUTTIES Weekly Cup, with accompanying objectives, which will reward you with Packs and Player Picks.

Each week the cup will require you to use a certain league or nation based squad to meet the requirements.

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