FIFA 22 Future Stars: Arsenal legend Freddie Ljungberg tells Smith Rowe he has "no limit"

The Future Stars promo has been a big hit in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with the Team 2 squad currently available in packs.

Arsenal youngster Emile Smith Rowe was handed one of the highest-rated Future Stars cards in FIFA 22.

To celebrate, EA Sports, with the help of Gunners legend, Freddie Ljungberg, has sat down with ESR to discuss his career so far and what truly makes him a Future Star.

Young Gun

The pair first discussed ESR’s first experiences of football, his breakthrough into the first team and why Ljungberg gave him his Premier League debut during his time as interim manager.

"I grew up in South London with my mum, dad, and brother. It was literally just playing in the garden and stuff, and there’s always cages in all the parks and on certain estates. You just stay there all day and that’s how I first started playing football”

Emile went on to talk about his experience in the Arsenal academy.

"I loved it, man. Growing up with the same group throughout the year and seeing people come and go. One of the biggest things for me was learning from the coaches. Sometimes the first team players would come down take some sessions which was good at the time."

Smith Rowe then mentioned what it means to wear the Arsenal number 10 shirt...

"Obviously, I’ve got his number now, Mesut Özil. Everyone knows how good he is you know and I’m seeing him in training and doing the things that he’s done. Getting the opportunity to be on the same pitch as him was crazy at the time."

ESR went on to recall his memories of Freddie giving him his Premier League debut.

"I just remember warming up and seeing all the fans. I also remember you calling me back and telling me to just be confident and be myself. When a manager is telling you that, it’s great to hear. You just want to be free when you go on the pitch."

The sky is the limit

The topic of discussion then moved onto Smith Rowe's talent and what he can potentially achieve in the future.

Ljungberg spoke about noticing Emile in the Arsenal academy from a very young age.

"Everybody could see your talent a mile away and you worked so hard. I never saw you being arrogant because it is so easy to get carried away. You know you’re very good, but you are so humble and I was really impressed with you from a young age."
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THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT - ESR has been on fire this season for Arsenal

Freddie gave ESR some advice that applies to other young players around the world.

"I knew you from when you were a young player. I think you should just stay and be yourself, you work so hard and you’re always so humble because it changes when you go up the pyramid. There’s always something in my opinion if you’re being a very critical coach. You can just look at it from the outside. But when I look at you, for example, you can do them all."

Smith Rowe's former coach then spoke about his best attributes and his potential:

"You have a physical presence, you’re big, you have pace, you have technique, you have a good shot. So, with all of those, in my opinion, there is no limit. The limit, I think, is you."

Emile Smith Rowe (OVR 91)

Emile Smith Rowe has been handed an incredible 91 OVR Future Stars card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, as part of Team 1.

EA has bumped ESR's weak foot up to five-star, combining brilliantly with his four-star skill-moves.

The special CAM card boasts 93 pace, 93 ball control, 92 dribbling, and 92 composure.

Smith Rowe's shooting stats means he can also be used as a striker, with 91 positioning, 91 shot power and 87 finishing.

This Future Stars Smith Rowe card currently sells for 530,000 coins on PlayStation and 680,000 coins on Xbox.

We would recommend applying a Finisher Chemistry Style to this card, which will nearly max out ESR's agility and balance, whilst greatly boosting his shooting stats too.

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