FIFA 22 Headliners Countdown: Team 1 goes LIVE with INSANE Mbappe card

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has another top promo, with Headliners just being released.

It's looking like another massive promo, with boosted cards for all the top names, included in packs, objectives, and Squad Building Challenges.

Read on to find out about all the latest news, rumours and leaks ahead of the upcoming promo with our live countdown right here.

Latest - Headliners Team 1 goes live!

It's here! Another brilliant promo has come to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

The standout player is of course Kylian Mbappe, who could go and break the game!

As far as we can see, there isn't a single dub in the release so far, so we're more than excited to see what other players are set to join the promo.

Clauss SBC

One of hopefully many Squad Building Challenges has been touted on Twitter as confirmed for the Headliners promo.

Jonathan Clauss looks set to receive an SBC for the event, which could be insane.

He has already had a very popular TOTW card this season, so the opportunity to craft another boosted card for him will surely be taken up by many players.

Release Date

The Headliners promo arrived on Friday, 31 December 2021, at the usual time of 1pm ET / 6pm GMT, in what will be the last event of the calendar year!

You can expect the Headliners promo to run for two weeks until Friday, 14 January 2022, at which time the annual Team of the Year (TOTY) promo could begin!


Headliners is an event we have seen produce some great cards before, and the live cards will work like previously.

fifa 21 headliners team 1
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STAR STUDDED - Only the very best make it into the Headliners squad

These live cards work in a similar way to the Ones to Watch cards, with upgrades dished out based on real-life performances.

One difference between the Ones to Watch and Headliners cards is that the Headliners cards will always remain at least +1 rating higher than the respective in-form card.

There is also an upgrade based on the number of wins the players' teams manage, much like the Wins to Watch upgrades earlier in the season, with a four-win streak giving the player +1 to their rating.

SBCs & Objectives

As part of the Headliners promo, EA will also release some special themed Objectives and SBC cards during the event.

The SBC and objectives players will most likely not be the very top tier players but can be added to your club for free by using untradeable cards or by completing objectives!

The first objective player released is Felipe Anderson, who will be a top addition to your club - but who could join him?

fifa 22 headliners ramsdale prediction
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STAR SIGNING - Ramsdale has been simply superb for the Gunners

Perhaps Arsenal ney boy Aaron Ramsdale will be made available to unlock as an SBC? If so, EA will not make the requirements too expensive!

You may want to grind SBCs, such as the 78+ Player Pick, in order to build up a number of high-rated untradeable cards that will help you complete the SBC, effectively for free.

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