FIFA 22 Headliners: Ramsdale pack issue to be resolved by 'end of the week'

The Headliners promo kicked off last week in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, but it was not plain sailing for EA after a mishap left many fans disgruntled.

Aaron Ramsdale was advertised as one of the new Headliners available in packs, however, the Arsenal goalkeeper was yet to be released.

This issue was rectified quickly, but there were still many who were left underwhelmed after packing a silver version of Ramsdale, rather than the 85 OVR Headliner card!


The Headliners event will bring us a selection of the highest performing players across the season so far.

The players selected will get a nice boost on top of their most recent in-form card.

Headliners is an event we have seen produce some great cards before, and the live cards will work like previously.

fifa 21 headliners team 1
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STAR STUDDED - Only the very best make it into the Headliners squad

These live cards work in a similar way to the Ones to Watch cards, with upgrades dished out based on real-life performances.

One difference between the Ones to Watch and Headliners cards is that the Headliners cards will always remain at least +1 rating higher than the respective in-form card.

There is also an upgrade based on the number of wins the players' teams manage, much like the Wins to Watch upgrades earlier in the season, with a four-win streak giving the player +1 to their rating.

Headliner Ramsdale

EA has been quick to respond to the issue, with the first being the incorrectly packed versions of England international Ramsdale.

FIFA Direct Communication on Twitter already released a statement saying "Players who received a Silver Aaron Ramsdale base Player Item, while the issue was active, will receive the Headliner version."

This is great news for fans as the correct item will be issued to anyone who packed the silver card.

The new card is the best English goalkeeper available in FUT 22, so anyone looking to build an England team will want to snap him up!

Pack returns

Incorrect player items were not the only grievance from the FUT Community though as many opened packs in the hope of finding Ramsdale.

While this post from @NepentheZ on Twitter may be a little tongue in cheek, EA has responded saying they will be offering the opened packs back to players!

Like the tweet above says, there will be a lot of free packs arriving for those who did open them early on in the Headliners event.

Even better news for fans waiting on those packs is that they will be coming soon, in time for Headliners Team 2.

With Team of the Year just around the corner though, it could be worth saving some of those packs for the main event!

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