EA’s new Home Field Advantage could revamp gameplay in FIFA 22

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FIFA 22 is just around the corner now and with details on Madden 22 now released, our excitement is growing even further.

With some new features revealed for next-gen gamers, we are taking a look at how they could be implemented in FIFA 22 later in the year.

This week we are looking at Madden’s ‘Home Field Advantage’ and how this could be brought to life in FIFA 22.

Home Field Advantage

Dynamic Gameday is an all-new feature for Madden 22, and this next-gen exclusive addition makes the stadium and fans become part of the game like never before.

Unfortunately, these being specific to next-gen means that only PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players will get them, and players on PCXbox OnePS4, and Stadia won't.

Dynamic Gameday has three components, which are Gameday Momentum, Gameday Atmosphere, and Next Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI.

Atmosphere will affect Gameday Factors, which are unique boosts that can change game to game based on weather, time of year, and other variables.

Next Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI builds upon the introduction of Next Gen Stats last year by using the ways players and teams perform in real-world NFL games to inform how they'll play in Madden 22.

Finally there's Gameday Momentum, which is what gives each team a home-field advantage, as boosting your momentum by playing well will give access to your individual M-Factor or Momentum Factor.

It's important to note that some of what we've gathered here is from the unfinished Madden 22 beta and could change, but most of it is likely to remain the same when the finished version is released.

FIFA fortress

Will we see Home Field Advantage (or something similar) added to FIFA 22? And if so, how would it work?

One factor that could prove to be a stumbling block is that not all the teams in the game have their own stadium licensed, so there is still a need for generic stadiums.

All 32 NFL franchises on Madden come with their own stadiums, so in that sense, it is an easier system to implement.

fut stadium fifa 21
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DUD - FUT Stadium is a nice concept but a bit pointless

However, in a game mode like Ultimate Team, we could see the stadium you play in actually influence the game.

Similar to the way managers improve the length of your contract consumables, your choice of stadium could offer you different in-match perks.

This could bring an extra level of depth to the game and more meaning to your home ground, after all, the FUT Stadium seems to have fallen flat on its face with minimal interest in the custom options.

Bonus Boosts

If we are to see some sort of Home Field Advantage feature in FIFA 22, we are taking a punt as to the sort of perks we could see!

Fast start

You step out onto the field in front of your own fans and the noise is deafening, giving your players an early lift in the process.

Surprisingly, it is Tottenham who were the quickest out of the blocks in the Premier League last season.

Spurs scored a league-high nine goals inside the opening ten minutes while conceding just two, so the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium could be the recipient of this perk.

Late charge

An extra burst of energy for players in the closing minutes could be a handy boost if you are pushing for a late goal.

elland road fifa 21
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FITNESS FREAKS - Leeds are another side with incredible fitness levels

Think back to ‘Fergie Time’ during his Manchester United days and Old Trafford could be the perfect stadium for a perk like this.

United also scored more goals in the last ten minutes than any other Premier League team last season with 15 coming after the 80th minute.

Set-piece specialists

For corners and set pieces in crossing situations, the roaring crowd could offer an extra boost to players Jumping and Heading Accuracy stats.

This extra 5% or 10% boost would lead to a higher success rate in these situations.


West Ham and Southampton led the Premier League in set-piece goals last season, so one of their home stadiums could receive this boost.

Top of the Kops

One of the most famous grounds in world football, Anfield.

anfield fifa 21
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ICONIC - You'll Never Walk Alone bellows out around Anfield

If the Kop does not have an influence in Home Field Advantage then really what is the point.

A shooting bonus when attacking the Kop in the second half seems fitting for such a recognisable arena.