FIFA 22: Hackers continue to target top FUT traders - How to protect yourself

We all know how much effort it can take to put together an epic Ultimate Team squad in FIFA 22, so imagine what it must feel like to have that ripped away from you!

Well, unfortunately for some of the game's top FUT traders that is a reality as their accounts have been targeted by hackers in recent weeks.

Take a look at what has happened below and how you can protect your account from hackers dismantling your team.

Traders beware

In recent weeks several high-profile FUT traders have had their Ultimate Team accounts hacked, resulting in the loss of millions of coins, players, and real financial value!

One of the high-profile FUT players to be targeted was @bateson87 although the streamer has been reluctant to share too much information as the hacking cases are stacking up.

Both @FUTDonkey and @NickRTFM have also been targeted, with FUT Donkey claiming he will take legal action due to a breach of data protection laws.

These are worrying instances for any top FUT trader, but the whole FUT community should remain cautious and take action in helping prevent this from happening to them.

Financial loss

While Ultimate Team assets may not offer financial value in the real world just yet, players putting their hard-earned cash into the game are feeling the loss from hackers too.

German content creator @Trymacs, renowned for investing heavily in Ultimate Team, is estimated to have lost around 22,000€ (around £18,500) worth of FUT 22 assets according to Early Game.

This included around 18 million in-game coins, a pretty hefty sum to lose all in one go!

On top of that, he is said to have found all the players in his club sold too. Disaster.

Protect your assets

EA has a full page dedicated to dealing with account hacking, so make sure you know what to do in case of an emergency!

If you think your account has been hacked but you still have access to it, EA recommends clearing your browser cache to remove any saved passwords.

Choose a new, strong password and reset the old one, and make sure log-in verification is on too to add that extra layer of security.

For more information on what to do in the event of your account being hacked, take a look at EA's 'What to do if your EA Account has been hacked' page.

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