FIFA 22 Icon Swaps 3: What to spend your tokens on in Ultimate Team

Icon Swaps 3 is underway in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team offering you the chance to bolster your squad... or prepare for Team of the Season!

EA has outdone every single past set of Icon Swaps rewards with this one and there are some brilliant combinations of rewards that you can choose from.

So, find out what you should be spending your Icon Swaps 3 tokens on in FUT 22, depending on the state of your club and your aims.

For the TOTS grinder

At this point in the game cycle, many of us are preparing for the upcoming Team of the Season promo, which of course, involves trying to save and build up the biggest and best packs in the game.

Icon Swaps 3 has presented us with the perfect opportunity to do just this.

For just eleven Icon Swaps in total, you can claim the following packs:

  • 82+ x25 Pack
  • 82+ x25 Pack
  • 84+ x25 Pack
  • 85+ x20 Pack

And, as Nepenthez points out in the Tweet below, you'll even have some tokens leftover!

The four 'fodder' packs can be claimed, saved, and opened during the Premier League or Ultimate Team of the Season squads' time in packs.

These packs are your BEST chance at pulling a TOTS card.

With your spare Icon Swaps, you can go ahead and claim the 91+ ATT/MID Moments Icon Pack, which seems to be great value at 6 Tokens.

Go big or go home

For those who aren't so worried about saving packs for TOTS and want to go after a top-tier Icon, there are plenty of options for you too.

Firstly, the one of three 93+ ATT/MID Moments Icon Player Pick seems INSANELY overpowered by the sounds of it.

Of course, this will set you back 17 Icon Swaps, but if you are willing to splash the tokens you will almost guarantee yourself a brilliant Icon.

Similarly, the 91+ Moments Icon Player Pick for 11 Icon Swaps or the 93+ Moments Icon Player Pick for 15 Icon Swaps are both good options.

You can't go wrong if you go for Prime Ruud Gullit either, which will cost you 17 tokens.

Gullit's 93 OVR card currently sells for 2.7 million coins on PlayStation and 2.1 million coins on Xbox.

All available rewards

All-new pack rewards have been introduced for FUT 22's Icon Swaps 3, along with plenty of awesome Icons.

The full list of rewards is as follows:

  • 1 Icon Swap - 82+ x25 Pack
  • 2 Icon Swaps - 82+ x25 Pack
  • 3 Icon Swaps - 84+ x25 Pack
  • 5 Icon Swaps - Van Der Sar Moments Icon
  • 5 Icon Swaps - 85+ x20 Pack
  • 6 Icon Swaps - 91+ ATT/MID Moments Icon Pack
  • 7 Icon Swaps - Dalglish Moments Icon
  • 8 Icon Swaps - Roberto Carlos Moments Icon
  • 8 Icon Swaps - 93+ Moments Icon Pack
  • 9 Icon Swaps - George Best Moments Icon
  • 11 Icon Swaps - 91+ Moments Icon Player Pick
  • 11 Icon Swaps - Eto’o Moments Icon
  • 13 Icon Swaps - 94+ Moments Icon Pack
  • 14 Icon Swaps - Matthaus Moments Icon
  • 15 Icon Swaps - 93+ Moments Icon Player Pick
  • 16 Icon Swaps - Moments Icon Pack
  • 17 Icon Swaps - 93+ ATT/MID Moments Icon Player Pick
  • 17 Icon Swaps - Gullit Prime Icon

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