FIFA 22 Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack: Cost and Probabilities

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Weekly rewards are dished out for both Division Rivals and Squad Battles in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, so you best know what each pack reward contains.

This is crucial for the Division Rivals rewards as you will need to select which set of rewards you want to receive out of three options.

Take a look below at what you will likely find in a Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack below and how much one will cost you from the store.


Jumbo Premium Gold Players Packs were commonly found in the promo packs section of the store in FUT 21, but we are yet to see any in FIFA 22.

Based on last season, the value of the pack equates to roughly £6 per pack in real money with the FIFA Points at a decent conversion rate in comparison to other packs.

  • 50,000 coins
  • 700 FIFA Points


There are 24 items in the Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack, and you guessed it, there are only players inside.

The Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack is double the size of a Premium Gold Players Pack, but with an added rare card thrown into the mix too.

Take a look at the exact contents below.

  • 24 Items
  • 24 Players
  • 7 Rares
  • 24 Gold


These packs are great for improving your squad, whether that is through the players themselves or using them as fodder in SBCs.

We don't have this season's official pack probabilities, but you are guaranteed all players included to be 75+ rated Gold players, so chances are there will be a few higher-rated ones too.