FIFA 22: Find out why Cristiano Ronaldo is the least popular player in Ultimate Team

It's that time of the year for spreading good cheer, merriment, and new beginnings.

However, it is also a time for reflection, and we all have a bit of Scrooge in us, so that doesn't always have to be a positive one!

The FUT community is no stranger to airing their grievances, so with that in mind, here are the least popular cards (so far) in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Cristiano Ronaldo POTM (OVR 92)

Taking the top spot is Cristiano Ronaldo's Player of the Month card - and by quite a way!

You may be wondering why a seemingly brilliant-looking card is quite so unpopular.

It could be that masses of Liverpool fans were livid that Mohamed Salah didn't win POTM and let their presence be felt.

More likely though is how wildly expensive this Squad Building Challenge was, and so early on in the game.

It took 26 teams to complete (that's 286 players) and cost nearly 3 million coins.

The worst part was that it wasn't massively better than his base card.

Robert Andrich (OVR 76)

Here's a weird inclusion - Robert Andrich.

He's not a brilliant card and won't see use in many squads, so why did the community take against him?

It is because he scored a goal in the Europa League that stopped Road to the Knockouts Fekir from receiving an upgrade!

The FUT community loves Fekir, so the fact they didn't see one of their favourite cards get a little extra boost caused outrage.

Max Kruse RTTK (OVR 84)

An 84-rated player that you could get for free by completing objectives, and also use as an SBC requirement, what was so bad about that?

One word - PACE.

If there is one attribute that is wanted above all else it is that, so when people saw this card only had 68 PAC, they were not happy.

Being a forward made it even worse, with people calling it completely unusable and not bothering to even test him out.

Kylian Mbappe Next Generation (OVR 86)

We never thought getting a FREE Kylian Mbappe would cause so much hate, but that's exactly what happened when EA released his Next Generation variant.

He was one of six players you had a chance of receiving just for playing the game, yet his 86 OVR rating was quite deceiving.

In-game he actually has the stats of a 79-rated striker, almost identical to those of Anthony Martial's base card.

Mbappe is much loved and one of the best players to use in the game, so to see this nerfed version triggered many FUT fans.

Xherdan Shaqiri OTW (OVR 79 - LIVE 82)

This can be summed up pretty well in one comment left on FUTBIN:

"One SBC in and everyone loses their mind. It feels good to be back fellas."

We were all excited to be on a new FIFA game, but when Ones to Watch Xherdan Shaqiri came out as one of the first SBCs, the mood turned sour.

He's not exactly what you want in Ultimate Team as a player, too slow for a winger, and even his five-star skill moves couldn't make up for it.

Costing just under 20k for a 79-rated card seemed ludicrous and with just the one in form so far this season - which has seen the card transform into an 82 OVR - it looks like not splashing out on this SBC was the right thing to do.

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