FIFA 22 Luiz Felipe SBC: Brilliant Player Moments card released for the Brazilian

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Another Player Moments SBC card has been released in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Luiz Felipe has been made available to unlock, so check out the card and how to add it to your squad below.

Luiz Felipe (OVR 87)

Start Date: Tuesday, 15 February

Expiry Date: Monday, 21 February

SBC Requirements

There is only one squad needed to unlock the new card.

The requirements are as follows:

Luiz Felipe

  • Minimum one Serie A player
  • Minimum 85 Team Rating
  • Minimum 75 Team Chemistry
  • 11 players in the squad

1 x Player Moments Luiz Felipe

Estimated Cost – 102.65k (PlayStation) / 99.1k (Xbox)

Worth it?

There has been some disappointment on socials regarding this SBC, but we're not sure why.

Celebrating his inclusion in the FUT20 Future Stars squad, this new incarnation has all the attributes you want from a meta centre-back.

His 82 Acceleration and 87 Sprint Speed can be improved with a chemistry style, but as a base, they're pretty good!

Defensively, all his stats are high, apart from his 80 Heading Accuracy, and with 85 Jumping, 85 Strength and 92 Aggression he should dominate in the air.

What you get extra with Luiz Felipe is decent dribbling stats, with 77 Agility not too shabby for a 6'2" centre-back.

The go-to chemistry style to give him will be a Shadow, where he will gain the stats of a 92-rated CB.

However, the Anchor is another great option, although it doesn't give as large a boost to his pace, it will make him more physically formidable, with the stats of a 93-rated CB.

If you're already happy with the pace of the card then you can go all in on the defensive side and get a 94-rated CB by applying a Sentinel.

For around 100k, we think that's a pretty good deal!

Being from Serie A doesn't give him the best links, but with a Brazilian nationality, there will be plenty of options.

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