FIFA 22 Marquee Matchups: Earn packs each week with this LIVE group SBC

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Just like last season, Marquee Matchups are back in Ultimate Team for another year in FIFA 22.

A weekly Squad Building Challenge, Marquee Matchups offer some great rewards for a very reasonable price with many of the challenges very straight forward.

If you can't complete them with players already in your club, they won't cost you much to finish!

What are Marquee Matchups?

Each week EA selects some of the biggest matches from around the world and releases a Squad Building Challenge to celebrate them.

psg fifa 22
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MAIN ATTRACTION - The PSG boys are involved this week

Four matches are selected, each with its own specific challenge and reward.

Upon completion of all four challenges, there is also a group reward which is the most valuable of the lot.

LIVE Challenge

This week's challenge celebrates four huge games from some of Europe's top leagues, with the champions from both Serie A and Bundesliga included.

Ligue 1 runners-up PSG are in on the action too along with a derby game from the Premier League involving Aston Villa and Wolves.

  • Start Date - Thursday, 14 October
  • Expiry Date - Thursday, 21 October
  • Estimated Cost - 16.8k
  • Group Reward - Premium Gold Players Pack

Challenge 1 - Paris v Angers SCO


  • Minimum 1 Ligue 1 player
  • Minimum 2 players from the same club
  • Maximum 4 leagues in squad
  • Minimum Silver players
  • Minimum 70 Team Rating

Reward - Three Common Gold Players Pack

Estimated cost - 3.9k

Challenge 2 - Aston Villa v Wolves


  • Minimum 2 Premier League players
  • Minimum 3 players from the same league
  • Minimum 2 Gold players
  • Minimum 1 Rare player
  • Minimum 70 Team Rating
  • Minimum 75 Team Chemistry

Reward - Small Rare Mixed Players Pack

Estimated cost - 3.6k

Challenge 3 - Latium v Inter


  • Minimum 1 Latium or Inter player
  • Minimum 3 Nationalities in squad
  • Maximum 4 players from the same Nation
  • Minimum 4 Gold players
  • Minimum 72 Team Rating
  • Minimum 80 Team Chemistry

Reward - Premium Mixed Players Pack

Estimated cost - 4.4k

Challenge 4 - Leverkusen v Bayern Munchen


  • Minimum 1 Leverkusen player
  • Minimum 1 Bayern Munchen player
  • Maximum 3 players from the same Club
  • Minimum 5 Clubs in squad
  • Minimum 70 Team Rating
  • Minimum 85 Team Chemistry

Reward - Prime Electrum Players Pack

Estimated cost - 4.8k