Messi should by far and away be the best player in FIFA 22

As many football fans would agree, Messi is by far and away the best player on the planet.

So why isn't that being reflected in the FIFA ratings?

We believe that the Barcelona legend should be rewarded by being at least two or three ratings above any other player in FIFA 22, here's why.


fifa 22 leo messi rating
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WORLD CLASS: Leo Messi should be 95 OVR in FIFA 22

Having dropped from 94 OVR to 93 OVR in FIFA 21, we think Messi will remain the top player on the game - but is that enough for the GOAT? We think not.

Messi picked up 38 goals and 14 assists in 47 appearances in all competitions in the 2020/21 campaign.

The Argentinian also has an astonishing twenty-five Man of the Match awards in 2021, yes, you heard it right, TWENTY-FIVE!

Messi is currently carrying Argentina in the Copa America, having reached the final against Brazil, which would cap off another memorable season for the greatest player of all time.

Top Contenders

Check out who we think will come closest to Lionel Messi's rating in FIFA 22.


CR7 is always one of the highest-rated players in the game, but what will he be rated in FIFA 22?

ronaldo fifa 22
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TOP OF THE CLASS - CR7 will remain Serie A's number one

We believe that Ronaldo will once again be rated 92 OVR.

It's a no-brainer, Cristiano Ronaldo will be the best Serie A player in FIFA 22 should he remain at Juventus Piemonte Calcio.

The Portuguese legend was the league's top goalscorer despite his side not dominating as they have been used to in recent years.


After a record-breaking season, Robert Lewandowski will now be ranked among the very best in the world when the FIFA 22 ratings are released.

lewandowski fifa 22
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ULTIMATE STRIKER - Lewandowski's goal record speaks for itself

Robert Lewandowski could pull up alongside Cristiano Ronaldo with a huge 92 rating.

We believe that Messi should be at least two ratings higher than Cristiano Ronaldo and Lewandowski - but we know that EA won't do this.

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What position will Messi be on FIFA 22?

Messi's FIFA 21 base card was a Right-Wing position.

fifa 21 potm messi 96
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CENTRAL THREAT: Messi picked up several FUT 21 special cards in the CF position

However, the Argentine played the majority of the 2020/21 season with Barcelona as a free-moving central attacker.

Messi also picked up a number of performance-based special cards as either a Centre Forward or Striker in FIFA 21.

So, we think that EA will change Messi's position in FIFA 22 to a Centre Forward (CF).

Magical Messi

To conclude, we believe that no player should even come close to Lionel Messi in the upcoming game.

fifa 21 messi in game
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BARCELONA LEGEND: The Barca fans will never forget their little magician

The man is just so far ahead of anyone else on the planet.

Nobody can replicate Messi's goals and assists numbers, nor can they replicate the incredible way in which he plays the beautiful game.

EA should reflect Messi's greatness in the FIFA 22 ratings by making him the highest-rated player in the game by two or three OVR points at least!

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