FIFA 22: French World-Cup winners dominate the most popular players in FUT

As we head into the new year, we take a look back at who has been Ultimate Team's most popular players so far in FIFA 22.

So, find out which players are judged to be the best by the general FIFA community right here.

Kylian Mbappe (OVR 91)

It's no surprise that the most popular player so far is the cover boy - Kylian Mbappe.

With 97 pace, 92 dribbling, 88 shooting and five-star skill moves, the Frenchman is perhaps the best striker in the game.

Lionel Messi (OVR 93)

Mbappe's new PSG teammate and the 2020 Ballon D'or winner Lionel Messi is up next.

The Argentine's brilliant agility and balance fit the meta perfectly for a winger or central attacker in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Cristiano Ronaldo (OVR 91)

To nobody's shock, Ronaldo is right behind his rival in terms of popularity in FUT 22.

CR7's five-star skill moves automatically make him one step ahead of other players in-game, but his body type also makes him strong and hard to dispossess.

Neymar (OVR 91)

Neymar makes it three Paris Saint-Germain players in the top four for popularity in Ultimate Team, as many high-level players link the trio up to give them perfect chemistry.

Neymar is arguably the best of the lot with five-star skill moves, a five-star weak foot and insane pace and dribbling stats.

Raphael Varane (OVR 86)

Next, we have yet another summer signing and one of the most used-centre halves in Ultimate Team to this day - Raphael Varane.

The Manchester United centre-half can be seen paired up with Presnel Kimpembe in what feels like every other Weekend League squad.

Ousmane Dembele (OVR 83)

Ousmane Dembele is and always will be the best value for money card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team!

The Barcelona winger's 83 OVR card is legitimately end-game quality as he is just SO overpowered in-game.

N'Golo Kante (OVR 90)

A French theme seems to be emerging here... Chelsea's N'Golo Kante is next on the list, with his base card being one of the best defensive midfielders in FIFA.

Once a pace and passing boost is applied through a chemistry style, Kante has incredible all-around stats and you can even use him as a box-to-box CM in a 4-4-2.

Presnel Kimpembe (OVR 83)

The aforementioned Presnel Kimpembe is perhaps still the best centre-back in FUT.

Though his stats don't look out of this world, he just seems to dominate FUT Champions every single weekend!

Heung min Son (OVR 89)

Tottenham Hotspur winger Heung min Son is next up and it's no surprise when you take a deeper look into his stats.

Brilliant pace, dribbling and finishing coupled with a five-star weak foot make him one of the best wide central attacking midfielders in the game who can also play in the striker role.

Marcos Llorente (OVR 86)

Finally, we have Marcos Llorente who's 88 pace is the standout amongst a set of brilliant base attributes.

The Spaniard has been given an absolutely brilliant Signature Signings card too, though you'll be doing well to afford it!

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