FIFA 22: Mount v Origi Review – Blues star DOMINATES Showdown challenge

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Chelsea and Liverpool go head-to-head on Sunday, 27 February in the Carabao Cup Final, but there is more at stake than just a winner’s medal.

EA has marked the occasion with a Showdown SBC, with Mason Mount and Divock Origi as the representatives for each team.

With a potential +2 upgrade available, we put the two new items to the test in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team to see which star you should add to your club.

Mount v Origi

What better way to put the two players to the test than to go toe-to-toe live in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

See how to unlock the Mount/Origi Showdown SBCs here.

Mason Mount

England star Mason Mount represents the Blues in this Showdown clash, with a heavily boosted CAM card. We utilised Mount in the CAM and RAM position in a 4-2-3-1 formation.

First Impressions

Taking the card on face value, there is nothing that jumps out at you as far as Mount's base statistics are concerned, although the Englishman does impress in numerous areas of his attacking game.

Mount is more than comfortable having the ball at his feet, aided by his 90 Composure and 88 Reactions and, with 88 Passing, he's more than capable of spraying the ball to the left or the right.

His 97 Stamina is a key element to this card too, especially given Mount's desire to drop deep into the midfield thanks to his High/High work rates.

Deep Dive

What shocked us was Mount's clinical edge in front of goal. As shown in the stream above, Mount got on the scoresheet in each of the three games in which he played.

We did apply a Hunter chemistry style to Mount prior to the head-to-head, which significantly boosts the Englishman's shooting statistics.

If you're looking at utilising Mount as an attacking midfielder, then we would recommend that you do the same.

Shooting on site seems to be effective with Mount too. His 86 Long Shots feel closer to a 90 in-game, so be sure to take any chance that you get to test the goalkeeper.

Key Attributes:

  • 97 Stamina
  • 90 Composure
  • 90 Short Pass


We must admit, we are pleasantly surprised by what we have seen from this Showdown Mason Mount in the early stages of his time with our Ultimate Team club.

His ability on the ball is second to none, whilst his desire to get up and down the pitch and put in a shift in proved crucial when we had our backs against the wall.

With an upgrade, this card could easily reach the levels of a Road to the Knockouts Bernardo Silva. He doesn't quite hit the heights of the TOTY Honourable Mentions Phil Foden, however, at a fraction of the cost, we can't really expect him to.

Unfortunately, recent form would suggest that Liverpool are the favourites to pick up the victory on Sunday, and therefore it would be Origi who receives that all-important upgrade, but stranger things have happened, and an 89-rated Mount would be very good indeed.

*Reviewed on PS5 by Gfinity FIFA Editor, Tom Young. 

Divock Origi

Liverpool's cult-hero striker Origi boasts some impressive stats, and we tested him as a striker and on the left wing.

First Impressions

The new Origi item is certainly a threat in the box, a proper predatory striker.

The Belgian is great in the air, aided by his 90 Jumping and 88 Heading Accuracy, and at 6’2” he is certainly a big unit.

On the ball, he felt a bit sluggish, but with any luck, a win for Liverpool and a Hawk chemistry style will take his pace to 99.

We also tested Origi in a wide position, but that bore no fruit as he is certainly more suitable as a central forward either on his own or in a pair.

Deep Dive

As mentioned above, Origi’s physicality and size make him an ideal striker, and his 95 Pace is certainly enough to test even the sharpest of centre-backs.

He also displayed some decent shooting ability (90 Finishing) with a couple of well-taken goals, so get him in the box to get the best out of him.

His on-the-ball play leaves a lot to be desired though as his passing wasn’t always the best, and his size does limit his agility while dribbling.


Futbin lists Origi’s card as boasting the attributes of a 90 OVR striker, so with a +2 upgrade, he could be the real deal.

Key Attributes:

  • 97 Sprint Speed
  • 90 Jumping
  • 90 Composure

RealSport Rating: 6.5/10


Three games in with Origi, and we are not entirely convinced by him.

There are glimpses of what he can do and if you cross the ball a lot he can have a similar effect to Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s Player Moments SBC item.

It just feels like Origi is lacking that spark, and maybe with an upgrade that extra acceleration will take his game to another level.

We are backing Liverpool to get the job done on Sunday though, so if you are choosing solely on who is going to get upgraded, we would opt for Origi.

*Reviewed on PS5 by RealSport101 Sports Editor, Michael Wicherek.