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FIFA 22: World Champion MsDossary wants TOTS Neymar over Mbappe

The Team of the Season event continues in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with the highly anticipated Ligue 1 TOTS squad up next for release.

There will be many superstars included in the side, and we got to talk to a real-life FIFA superstar about the release in a recent chat with Musaed "MsDossary" Al Dossary.

The multiple cup winner and 2018 FIFAe World Champion also gave us some tips and tricks to help improve our FIFA ability.

Dossary Deep Dive

We had already spoken to MsDossary about current and future gameplay, who the best player on FIFA 23 will be, and how EA could improve the game - including increasing the skill gap.

Check out our previous interview with MsDossary right here, where he shares a few more pro tips too!

If you want to get a more in-depth look at MsDossary's rise to FIFA stardom and find out more about the man himself, then the recent Red Bull Unfold documentary is a great place to go.

If you want to watch the documentary, you can find it on YouTube here.

King Kylian

Previously, MsDossary told us that "in the last few FIFAs, the mechanics and the meta were not helping people to use players like Lewandowski and Benzema."

So, with a target man not being up to scratch for the meta, who should we use?

"Team of the Year Mbappe is so good. He can run everywhere on the pitch, he's faster than everyone else, he can finish, he's five-star skills, and he has a good physicality as well. So for me, he is the best card in the game, even with Prime Icon Moments players."

It's a bit worrying how good that card is because we've still got the Ligue 1 Team of the Season release to come out!

TOTS Targets

MsDossary told us he is looking forward to using Team of the Season cards for Lewandowski and Benzema, with massive boosts helping them fit the meta more, but what other players is he most looking forward to using throughout the campaign?

"Neymar is definitely a card that I'm looking at to get into my starting XI, so he is the main one."

He opts for Neymar over an even more powerful Mbappe, as Neymar hasn't had many special cards this year, so the increase from his current best version should be massive!

Not just that, but the TOTS Mbappe card is pretty maxed out already, so it will be tough to meaningfully improve it.

Tips and Tricks

Want to play like a pro? Then learn from the best. MsDossary gives us a bit of tactical guidance on how he has become so successful.

"My normal playstyle is about pressing, creating more chances than my opponent, and dominating the whole game. So, for me, I always like a formation that I can press my opponent with to get the ball back as soon as I can. That's how I play, so I'll line up with a 4-4-2."

Does that mean MsDossary had his side on 'Constant Pressure'?

"It depends. If I'm losing in the last 10 minutes, I'll go with Constant Pressure. But if there's still plenty of time to get back I just go for Team Press."

He warns not to use 'Constant Pressure' from the start, otherwise, you are likely to get caught out on the counter by your opponent.

FIFA 22 Tactics Constant Pressure
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CHASING THE GAME - Don't have Constant Pressure as your default tactic

We also asked if there was one simple tip he could give to all FIFA players that would help them improve.

"I think always try to learn from your mistakes. If there is a player who has outplayed you, you can learn from that game. See how they outplayed you.

"You need to watch the best players' teams and the big tournaments, so you can learn that last step before scoring a goal, a defensive trick, or how you can create more.

"There is always something there you can learn from."

One last piece of advice MsDossary gave to us could prove crucial in helping to take your game to the next level.

"I think skill moves are necessary in the box and for creating, so two skill moves you need are the elastico and reverse-elastico. They are the most overpowered skill-moves in this game."

If you don't know how to do those moves, you'd best learn them quick!

As MsDossary points out, they are the best skill-moves and can grant you that extra bit of space around the goal, or be that final step before unleashing a shot, so they could prove vital weapons in your armoury.

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