FIFA 22: Thousands of players BANNED for using the 'no loss glitch' in FUT

The 'no loss glitch' has caused quite a stir in the FIFA 22 community!

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Much to the fans' pleasure, EA has come down hard on the players who abused the method in Ultimate Team and FUT Champions specifically.

What is the 'no loss glitch'?

The 'no loss glitch' in FIFA 22 allowed FUT Champions players to essentially rage quit and not take the loss by tricking the system into thinking there was a connection issue of some sort.

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HEARTBREAK - Taking an L to the 'no loss glitch' hurt bad

This meant players could reach the higher ranks in FUT Champions with no problem, as they basically had unlimited attempts to get there.

There has been absolute outrage amongst the Ultimate Team community, but EA has finally, after two weeks, punished the players who used the glitch.

30,000 players BANNED

EA has banned over 30,000 accounts that abused the infamous 'no loss glitch', much to the pleasure of the FIFA 22 fanbase.

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RISKY BUSINESS - It's not worth risking losing your FUT 22 account for this

In a quick statement via social media, EA revealed that following a patch this past 16th October that completely removed the glitch, the devs have taken action against thousands of cheaters in the past days.

We have identified over 30K active accounts that exploited this issue consistently and have suspended them from FIFA 22 online for 7 days, preventing them from participating in this week’s FUT Champions Finals.

According to multiple users, the initial ban will be of seven days with an extended period of time if this is not their first offence, however, no word on whether their FUT Coins would be reset.

How to qualify for FUT Champs

This year, players start off in Division 10 in Rivals and will have to make their way through the ladder until they are able to enter the FUT Champions Finals.

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PATH TO GREATNESS - It's a long road to qualify for the finals

Players will now be allocated points based on their performance, as opposed to the traditional wins format that was used in years past.

Here's how FUT Champs Weekend League is going to work this year:

  • Winning a match moves you forward one Stage
  • Losing a match moves you back one Stage unless you are on a Checkpoint
  • Drawing will keep you at your current position

Plus, the record you’ll need in order to obtain a certain rank is also going to differ.

Check out the ranking system based on your wins and losses below.

FUT Champs ranking system

The number of points you accumulate after playing the 20 games will determine your rewards.

So, how do you actually get to the FUT Champs Finals?

How to qualify for FUT Champions Finals

Once you have accumulated enough points during the season, you’ll be able to enter the FUT Champions Play-Offs, which is also a points-based system.

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CREAM OF THE CROP - Can you compete with the very best?

You can play these playoff games throughout the week when suits you best, then once you've earned enough points, you can enter the FUT Champs Finals.

This final stage is going to take place on Weekends, so make sure you have enough time during these days to get the 20 games in.