FIFA 22 Pro Clubs: Best player builds for every position to DOMINATE the meta

When you start on FIFA 22 Pro Clubs one of the first decisions you need to make will be your player build.

What your Virtual Pro looks like is all cosmetic, however, their height and weight will have an impact on their performance in-game.

We take a look at the best player builds for each position, and what attributes you should look to be upgrading first, to make your Virtual Pro the best they can be.


Whether you are playing along the front line or on the wing, the key will be pace.

With that in mind, always use this combination: ST 5'4" 119lbs.

This will give you the quickest base player build, while also being nippy and agile to get past defenders.

The first place you will want to be adding points to is the Pace tree, making sure you are as speedy as can be to get into the open space, and have more time to get a shot off or play a key pass.

Once that is maxed out, look to use points to improve your Shooting and Balance.


If you are playing as a CAM, you will likely be using a striker build, so we won't look at that position specifically.

For a box to box centre-midfielder your build should be: CM 5'10" 198lbs.

This will mean you have the speed to keep up with play, but also the physicality to be combative in the middle of the park.

It is a great all-round build for a player that should be able to help out with a bit of everything.

The first place to improve is on Stamina, as you will be surprised how much this drains throughout matches, and you don't want to be lagging behind the play.

If you are looking to offer defensive cover for your backline, then use this build: CDM 6'2" 119lbs.

It will give you a defensively solid, tall player (to cut out balls over the top), while still having the legs to get about the pitch.

FIFA 22 Declan Rice
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TALL AND MOBILE - Emulate Rice when making your CDM

Being tall will also help with intercepting the ball, with long legs cutting out loose balls.

With this build, you will also want to improve Stamina first, but you may want to look at improving Pace too, to make sure your avatar is covering the ground as quickly as possible to make lots of interceptions.


With a centre-back, you need to be able to cope with pacey attackers, while also being able to handle taller players from set-pieces.

To achieve that you want your base build to be: CB 6'4" 198lbs.

If you're not encountering many tall players, then you can reduce their height further, as you will nearly always be facing tiny forwards.

FIFA 22 Van Dijk
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AERIAL DOMINANCE - Tower above the opposition

We wouldn't recommend going smaller than 6'0", as you still need some aerial presence.

Keeping the higher weight is important, as you can successfully block off runs and slow down the opposition with extra strength.

As with most builds, look to improve Pace first, then it's up to you whether to look at Defending attributes or Physical ones.

If you are already defensively capable, can read the game well and find your current tackling abilities adequate, then making your Virtual Pro a physical powerhouse could really give you that added edge.

If you are playing on the side of the defence your build should be: WB 5'4" 119lbs.

This is the same as the striker build, so will let you match the speed of attackers you come up against, giving cover to your centre-backs and keeping pace down the wings.

Surprise, surprise, you should improve Pace first, then - depending on how much you're getting forward - Stamina and Passing are the places to go.


For a goalkeeper, there are two main choices to go for, with both of them using a player height of 6'5"+.

If you pick a weight of 149lbs, then your Diving and Reflexes will have higher ratings.

Alternatively, you can go for a weight of 253lbs, where Handling, Kicking and Positioning will have the higher ratings.

FIFA 22 Courtois
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GOALKEEPING GIANT - At 6'6" you will be looking like Courtois between the sticks

Choosing to max out on height, at 6'7", will slightly reduce your Diving, but will slightly increase Kicking and Positioning.

Whatever you go for, the differences are quite minor, with the main improvements made on the Goalkeeping skill tree.

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