FIFA 22: Pro Clubs would be SO MUCH more enjoyable with this feature

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Pro Clubs is an incredible way for a group of mates to get together and have some banter over the voice chat whilst enjoying FIFA 22.

But, EA has not accommodated the Clubs that want to take the game mode more seriously.

So, we've come up with a simple way for EA to introduce some more competitiveness into Pro Clubs, which could see you earn some awesome rewards too!


Pro Clubs Knockout tournaments

As mentioned previously, one of the main issues in Pro Clubs is that there's really not much to do if you're already in Division 1 or if you've won it!

So, we think the introduction of a Pro Clubs daily or weekly Knockout Tournament would get the FIFA 22 community VERY excited!

fifa pro clubs
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GUTTING - Getting knocked out of the tournament would hurt BAD

Your Club would need to qualify for the particular tournament by earning enough points through qualifier games.

Once you've earned enough points, this will grant you an entry token (kind of like FUT Champions in Ultimate Team) that you can then redeem when you wish to.

The tournament would consist of several knockout rounds that would go all the way to extra time and then penalties in order to determine a winner.

Just imagine the scenes if you win the final on pens!

Special tournament rewards

Now, there's got to be something to aim for when competing in the tournament!

At the moment, the Cup competitions in Pro Clubs simply reward your club with a Trophy in the cabinet, which is nice, but who is really that bothered about it?

In the Knockout Tournament, we're proposing, the rewards would be something you'd truly want to earn.


So, perhaps EA could incentivise us by providing extra customisation options if we go all the way and win?

fifa pro clubs
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SHOOT FOR THE STARS - Customisation options would get Clubs motivated to win!

This could be in the form of player customisation, like a special multi-coloured hair option for example, which would really make you stand out on the pitch in the normal division or drop-in matches.


Or perhaps an extra stadium/kit customisation option could be the prize, with a winners goal song or emblem made available to unlock in to show that you came out victorious in the prestigious tournament.

The rewards could also consist of improvements to your actual Pro's ability or in-game stats.

For example, a special player trait could be unlocked or an extra 3 Skill points could be added on top of your maximum allowance, which would allow top-tier competitive players to improve even further.

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