FIFA 22 Road to the Knockouts: How do RTTK cards work in Ultimate Team?

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The Road to the Knockouts is over in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, but you'll still need to know exactly how the live cards work, as the upgrades are on their way!

So, find out how the RTTK card upgrades work in FUT 22 below.

Latest - When will TOTY be released in FUT 22?

We do not yet have official confirmation of the TOTY release date for FIFA 22, but we can have a pretty good guess, judging off of previous years.

In FIFA 21, the TOTY was released later than usual, with the Headliners promo running in early January, which meant the TOTY arrived in mid-January.

So, with the help of this Tweet from FIFAUTeam, we can expect the TOTY to arrive around mid-January, perhaps on Friday, 14 January 2021.

How do Road to the Knockouts cards work?

Thanks to the FUT loading screen, we have information on how the Road to the knockouts upgrades will work in FUT.

A RTTK card will receive a boost if their team completes the following:

  • Qualify for the knockout stage in current competition
  • Gets three wins in their next four group stage matches

RTTK players do not need to be selected or have played in each stage to receive an upgrade.

If a player is no longer on the roster of a club in either tournament, they will not receive any further upgrades.