FIFA 22 Said Benrahma SBC: How to unlock new 86 OVR Headliners card

A new Headliners card has been released in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Said Benrahma has been made available to unlock, so check out the card and how to add it to your squad below.

Said Benrahma (OVR 86)

Start Date: Wednesday, 5 January

Expiry Date: Wednesday, 12 January

SBC Requirements

There are two different squads needed to unlock the new card.

The requirements are as follows:

Premier League

  • Minimum one Premier League player
  • Minimum 83 Team Rating
  • Minimum 75 Team Chemistry

1 x Premium Gold Pack

Top Form

  • Minimum one TOTW player
  • Minimum 84 Team Rating
  • Minimum 70 Team Chemistry

1 x Electrum Players Pack

Estimated Cost – 45.9k (PlayStation) / 49.9k (Xbox)

Worth it?

This is a fairly cheap SBC to complete, so is very tempting to just do.

Add a Hunter to Benrahma and you have a very tasty looking creative midfielder, that has nearly maximum pace.

It may even be better to change his position and utilise him as a striker.

There is also a chance that his rating will improve, being a live card that will upgrade based on real-life performances.

We say go for it, and if he doesn't work out for you, at least it didn't cost too much!


Headliners are special dynamic items that are permanently upgraded and have the potential for further upgrades based upon individual and team performances in the remainder of the 2021/22 season.

At the launch of Headliners, each Headliners player item is released with an initial permanent upgrade.

This upgrade will make the player's OVR higher than any qualifying performance-based item (Team of the Week or Man of the Match), or their base item if they haven’t received a qualifying upgrade.

Each time a Headliner receives a performance-based item, their Headliners item will also receive an upgrade.

To find out more about how Headliners upgrades work, head here.

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