FIFA 22 Shapeshifters: FUT Heroes LEAKED in official image from EA

The Shapeshifters promo has returned in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, bringing some weird and wonderful cards to the game that have their positions altered.

Team 1 is already in packs, which looks set to be followed by Team 2 shortly.

Making the event even bigger is the possibility that FUT Heroes cards will also be upgraded and released during it, so read on to find out more and see what Heroes could gain an upgrade.

EA, you tease!

If you head to the Shapeshifters hub on EA's official website, you will be greeted with all the usual information, including what players are included in Team 1 and explaining what Shapeshifters cards are.

However, if you take note of the graphic at the top, you will notice something a little different about the card design in the middle of the three.

FIFA 22 FUT Heroes Shapeshifters card
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HIDDEN HERO - EA is already taunting us with the possibility of more upgraded FUT Heroes

That's right, it has a pink border around the outside and at the top, just under the point, a little football with a crown on it - much like a FUT Heroes card does!

You will also notice that none of the cards released so far has this design on, giving even more weight to the thinking that FUT Hero Shapeshifters will be arriving imminently.

Heroes Unleashed

Although nothing has been officially confirmed yet, we're pretty sure that some more FUT Heroes cards are set for a boost, with the first upgrades to the card set happening during the FUT Captains promo.

We're not sure how the new cards will be added to the game, whether they will come via packs with the Team 2 release, sooner as an SBC, or even potentially as objectives (however, we think that last one is highly unlikely!).

It doesn't look like a whole bunch will be released, otherwise, we probably would have seen them spread across the Team 1 and Team 2 releases, so coming via SBC looks the most likely way.

We could only see two FUT Heroes get the upgrade, with one coming via SBC towards the end of Team 1's cycle, then the next at the end of Team 2's.

Player Pool

As mentioned, some FUT Heroes have already received an upgrade and became FUT Hero Captains, so it is unlikely they will get another boost.

That means we can rule out Abedi Pele, Diego Milito, Antonio Di Natale, Mario Gomez, Freddie Ljungberg, Joe Cole, Ivan Cordoba, Robbie Keane, Clint Dempsey, and Tim Cahill from the Heroes player pool.

If we also disregard goalkeepers from selection (as it doesn't look like EA is including them for a Shapeshifters card), then we can take out Jorge Campos and Jerzy Dudek from the predictions, leaving us with a possible seven FUT Heroes that could be included, who are:

  • Fernando Morientes
  • David Ginola
  • Jurgen Kohler
  • Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
  • Aleksandr Mostovoi
  • Sami Al-Jaber
  • Lars Ricken
FIFA 22 Shapeshifters FUT Heroes Prediction Ginola
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FANTASTIC FRENCHMAN - This card would be an total BEAST up top

Obviously, David Ginola will be the card that everyone is wanting to see, as he was one of the best from the original FUT Heroes side, with a ST version the most popular option.

Jurgen Kohler could make an appearance as a CDM, or Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as a RW, but we will have to wait and see what EA has in store!

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