FIFA 22 Summer Swaps 2 Token Tracker: How to Unlock, Expiry Date, Where to Find & more

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The FUTTIES promo continues in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, re-releasing some of the best cards from FUT 22 and giving some fan favourites massive boosts!

The Summer Swaps 2 token system brings some extra content to the game, offering top rewards for your hard work.

Table of Contents

Stay up to date with all the Summer Swaps and make sure you don't miss out on a single token by using our token tracker.


LATEST - Winning Strategy SBC

The thirty-ninth and fortieth Summer Swaps 2 tokens have been released in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, coming via an SBC and a pack in the FUT Store.

If you purchase the Untradable FUTTIES French Foundations Pack you will get a Summer Swaps 2 token for Padilla, as well as other players and player picks.

By completing the Winning Strategy SBC you will gain a Summer Swaps 2 token for Novoa, as well as a Small Rare Gold Players Pack, with the requirements as follows:

Winning Strategy

  • Minimum six Clubs
  • Maximum four players from the same League
  • Maximum two players from the same Club
  • Minimum 75 Squad Rating
  • Minimum 90 Team Chemistry

Rewards - 1 x Small Rare Gold Players Pack, 1 x Summer Swaps 2 Novoa

Summer Swaps 2 Release Date

The Summer Swaps 2 campaign started on Friday, 29 July at 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

The swaps event will run until Monday, 29 August, so that will give you just over four weeks to amass as many tokens as possible.

Between Friday, 12 August and Friday, 29 August you will be able to redeem your tokens against the SBCs to earn your rewards.


Token Tracker

40 Summer Swaps 2 tokens have now been released, so make sure you act quickly to get them before they expire.

Check out the Summer Swaps tokens all in one place:

Token # Released Where to Find Expiry Date
1 - McCann29/7Free on login29/8
2 - Murphy29/7Cornet Objectives6/8
3 - McCormick30/7FUT 14 SBC2/8
4 - Durso31/7Against the Tide SBC3/8
5 - Musovski1/8Summer Swaps Objective15/8
6 - Bermingham1/8Summer Swaps Objective15/8
7 - Oxley 1/8Summer Swaps Objective15/8
8 - Nieuwpoort1/8Summer Swaps Objective15/8
9 - Ando1/8Summer Swaps Objective15/8
10 - Harsman1/8Summer Swaps Objective15/8
11 - Jansen 1/8Summer Swaps Objective15/8
12 - McNamee1/8Summer Swaps Objective15/8
13 - Gafney2/8Performance is Key SBC5/8
14 - Thomas4/8FUTTIES Voting Day SBC6/8
15 - Taibi5/8Store (FUTTIES Foundations Pack)12/8
16 - Bernard5/8Casemiro Objectives12/8
17 - Albornoz6/8Bundesliga TOTS Challenge 3 SBC9/8
18 - Lejoly7/8Ultimate TOTS Challenge 3 SBC10/8
19 - Abqar8/8Summer Swaps II Objective22/8
20 - Majetschak8/8Summer Swaps II Objective22/8
21 - Youssef8/8Summer Swaps II Objective22/8
22 - Camara8/8Summer Swaps II Objective22/8
23 - Sinayoko8/8Summer Swaps II Objective22/8
24 - Yildirim8/8Summer Swaps II Objective22/8
25 - Djoco8/8Summer Swaps II Objective22/8
26 - Sowerby8/8Summer Swaps II Objective22/8
27 - Lacroix11/8TOTY Challenge 4 SBC14/8
28 - Yuzawa12/8Martins Objectives19/8
29 - Kratschmer13/8Headliner SBC16/8
30 - Ndiaye14/8Shapeshifters Challenge 15 SBC17/8
31 - Jafar15/8Summer Swaps III Objective29/8
32 - Okendina15/8Summer Swaps III Objective29/8
33 - Lyness15/8Summer Swaps III Objective29/8
34 - Jimenez15/8Summer Swaps III Objective29/8
35 - Gunes15/8Summer Swaps III Objective29/8
36 - Kawanami15/8Summer Swaps III Objective29/8
37 - Uzodimma15/8Summer Swaps III Objective29/8
38 - Masuyama15/8Summer Swaps III Objective29/8
39 - Novoa16/8Winning Strategy SBC19/8
40 - Padilla16/8Store (FUTTIES French Foundations Pack)19/8

For more details on where to find the tokens, see below:

  • Summer Swaps II Objectives - 'Win 4 Argentina', 'Win 4 Brazil', 'One Nation Portugal', and 'One Nation France' (each task rewards two tokens)
  • FUTTIES Gelson Martins Objectives - 'Crossing Over'
  • Summer Swaps III Objectives - 'Win 4 Mexico', 'Win 4 Spain', 'One Nation Italy', and 'One Nation England' (each task rewards two tokens)

Expired Tokens

The window for the following Swaps tokens has now expired:

  • #3 McCormick - FUT 14 SBC
  • #4 Durso - Against the Tide SBC
  • #13 Gaffney - Performance is Key SBC
  • #2 Murphy - FUTTIES Maxwel Cornet Objectives
  • #14 Thomas - FUTTIES Voting Day SBC
  • #17 Albornoz - Bundesliga TOTS Challenge 3 SBC
  • #18 Lejoly - Ultimate TOTS Challenge 3 SBC
  • #15 Taibi - FUTTIES Foundations Pack
  • #16 Bernard - FUTTIES Casemiro Objectives
  • #27 Lacroix - TOTY Challenge 4 SBC
  • #5 Musovski, #6 Bermingham, #7 Oxley, #8 Nieuwpoort, #9 Ando, #10 Harsman, #11 Jansen, #12 McNamee - Summer Swaps Objectives
  • #29 Kratschmer - Headliner SBC

How to get Summer Swaps 2 Tokens

From now until the end of the FIFA 22 Summer Swaps 2 campaign you will have the opportunity to gain Summer Swaps tokens, with the set available until Monday, 29 August.

This Swaps system will be similar to that of the Icon Swaps, Winter Wildcards, Future Stars, FUT Birthday and Team of the Season promos.

EA released the following statement regarding the Summer Swaps 2 tokens:

You can earn up to 50 Summer Swaps #2 Tokens in-game from now until the program ends on August 29.
Tokens will be available across various Objectives and Squad Building Challenges, with two being offered in a pack in the FUT Store during the FUTTIES campaign.

So, you can get Swaps tokens by completing SBCs, Objectives and through certain packs.

EA could chuck in some other ways of earning TOTS Swaps tokens, for example, a Future Stars swap was hidden in Squad Battles rewards previously.