FIFA 22: Team of the Season vote rumoured to NOT FEATURE Chelsea players

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is in the early stages of welcoming its biggest promo, Team of the Season.

We have already seen the Community TOTS shortlist, with voting for the squad having come and gone, and the Premier League TOTS shortlist will be announced shortly.

However, there is one big club that is rumoured not to feature.

Feeling Blue

On Saturday, 12 March, as we were in the middle of the FUT Birthday promo, with Fantasy FUT set to follow it up, regular leaker Fut Sheriff announced some big news.

According to his sources, no Chelsea players would be included in upcoming promos.

This was looked upon as further restrictions EA was putting on Russia, which matched sanctions handed out by various governing bodies, that saw Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich punished.

Since the tweet, the only Chelsea player to receive a special item in the game has been Cesar Azpilicueta, who gained a Champions League Man of the Match card on Saturday, 19 March.

Ongoing Ban

With Team of the Season ramping up, we will shortly see voting open for the Premier League, which will bring us the choice of around 100 top players to pick from.

It looks like the shortlist will be missing players from one of the biggest clubs in the league, with Sheriff leaking once again, this time that the PL TOTS vote will contain no Chelsea players.

He also references his prior tweet as an explanation for why this would be the case.

It is worth noting, that no Chelsea player was included on the Community TOTS shortlist, giving more weight to the leak.

Missing Out

Chelsea may not be fighting for the title as many thought they would this season, however, they have still had some brilliant performers in the side that we would expect to see make the PL TOTS shortlist in normal circumstances.

In goal, Edouard Mendy has enjoyed a fine season, which saw him gain a Team of the Year Honourable Mentions card.

They haven't been as rock-solid as usual at the back, but Thiago Silva and Antonio Rudiger have had top seasons, with Rudiger also getting a TOTY HM card earlier in the year.

We also suggested that Thiago Silva would make the final squad in our Premier League TOTS predictions.

FIFA 22 Team of the Season Thiago Silva prediction
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MAYBE NOT - It now looks unlikely that Thiago Silva will feature in TOTS

Reece James is another who has developed into a brilliant full-back this season, providing a great attacking threat, but also being defensively solid enough to play in the back three when needed.

Mason Mount could be the most aggrieved with potentially missing out, as he has been on fire, with 10 goals and nine assists in the league.

Then there is N'Golo Kante, who is never far away from the conversation when speaking about the best players around, and who picked up a 96 OVR TOTY card.

He also had two Team of the Week inclusions and a Champions League MOTM, showing he is continuing his usual high standards this campaign.

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