FIFA 22 Finishing Tips: "It increases the chances of a goal by 20-25%"

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FIFA 22 is perhaps the most realistic game in the franchise's history - not just because of its graphics but its superb gameplay.

Passing, defending and dribbling feel a lot more authentic - but one area doesn't quite match its real-life equivalent - finishing.

The old adage states "you're only as good as your strikers" - and that can be a serious problem when playing in Ultimate Team; if you don't put your chances away, you will be punished.

We've called upon the help of new signing for Jesse Lingard's esports team, Lisa "JLingz Lisa" Manley to help you rack up goal after goal.


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Dripping with Finesse

"To be honest with you, I think using finesse shots has been the most important component of FIFA 22 so far," says Lisa.

"Even if you don't 'green-time' it, it's still an OP thing to do from outside the box, and it seems it's easier to score from finesse shots outside the box than normal shots inside the box.

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STROKE IT HOME - Combining the finesse shot with timed finishing guarantees goals

"Timing those shots can be hard to do, but if you go to skill games you can learn the pattern of how long you need to wait before pressing shoot again for it to go green.


"If you nail it, the chances of going in is an extra 20-25%."

Hard and Low

Finesse shots are powerful, but not the only destructive method of scoring.

"Low driven shots are also really overpowered this year, firing the ball into the bottom of the goal.

"Goalkeepers around 6'5" - like Nick Pope - are really good, and they seem to save everything above waist height - but they don't seem to save low-drivens."

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FIRE IT IN - From tighter angles, go for the low driven shot

This is particularly useful when you've got a sharper angle at goal, with the ball able to go under the goalkeeper as he dives, or even through the 'keeper's legs.


Also, watch out for goalkeeper movement - if you've seen your opponent moving their 'keeper - just take an extra half a second for your next shot, they may move too early enabling you to take an easy finish near post.

Picking your players

Of course, you still need reliable forwards to improve those chances of finding the back of the net.

"The new David Ginola FUT Hero card is 2.2 million coins (PlayStation) or 1.6 million (Xbox) for a reason and is a great card to use."

The left midfielder has 91 dribbling, 90 pace, 88 shooting, 87 passing and 85 physicality so can essentially do it all in the final third.


The Frenchman also has a five-star weak foot and five-star skills - making him absolutely lethal in front of goal, or creating opportunities for his teammates.

"Another must-have is either Mbappe or Cristiano Ronaldo - five-star skill moves for both of them.

Of course, this type of talent doesn't come cheap, with Mbappe prices at 1.6 million coins on PlayStation and 1.3 million on Xbox - whilst CR7 will set you back 950,000 on PlayStation and 815,000 on Xbox.

Tactically astute

Of course, it's not all about having the right players, or even the technique in front of goal - you at first need to create those opportunities.

You can ensure your forwards are getting in the right positions by adjusting their instructions.

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GET IN BEHIND - Get wrong side of the defender with pacey forward and you're in

"For a striker, I always put on 'Get in Behind' and 'Stay Central'," this allows your forward to ask questions of the defence, test their pace and also ensures your striker is never too far away from the goal.

As for formations, having two strikers seem to be the most devastating way, with Lisa opting for a 4-4-2 or 4-2-2-2, which should mean the defence is always occupied, and you only need to drag one slightly out of position to be through on goal.