FIFA 22 Title Update #4: "Excellent" patch reverts back to realistic gameplay

The latest FIFA 22 Title Update is already available for PC (Origin/Steam), and will soon be available for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

EA did not release an update for FIFA 22 for well over a month, so there is plenty of patches across a variety of game modes.

The gameplay, in particular, has caught the eye though with some notable changes arriving in the game.

Release Date

Title Update #4 is now live on PC on Tuesday, January 11, and we expect it will launch on all other platforms around Monday, January 17 per EA's typical release schedule.

After a lengthy delay after the last update, EA is pulling no punches with the newest patch notes!

"Excellent" update

"Overall, this is a fantastic patch because it makes the football MUCH more realistic. If you want to play the beautiful game realistically, you will enjoy it."

Those are the words of Reddit user Imboni who has nothing but praise for the latest update from EA.

Among the changes they acknowledge, Imboni recognises nerfs to overpowered speedsters, tricksters, and those pesky corner routines.

With a more 'traditional' gameplay returning and defensive nous rewarded, it looks like we could be looking at the gameplay we saw at the release of FIFA 22.

No more pace abuse

The news we have been waiting for!

It looks like pace will once again be brought down a notch in terms of its effectiveness, although we are sure it will still be a key asset in both attack and defence.

fifa 22 mbappe
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SPEEDING TICKET - Players like Mbappe will be slowed down a little

"Nerfs pace merchants: no more blind Mbappe throughs. Slower but defensively skilled CBs are actually playable now. Can't sprint in midfield or defence."

Hopefully, we see a more balanced battle between attack and defence in the near future!

Defensive discipline

Players who pride themselves on their defensive qualities will be rewarded once the update hits consoles.

"Better interceptions: now you need to actually build from the back properly. Players who cover passing lanes will be rewarded MUCH more. Attackers and midfielders will intercept more, so no more blind ping-pong passes."

fifa 22 werxham tackle
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GET STUCK IN - Tough tacklers will be rewarded in the new update

It is not just awareness that will help as the physical battles have also been balanced, with tackling much more effective in the new patch.

"Better tackles: MUCH better tackles. It is actually rewarding to jockey and tackle now. Also means fewer rebounds from tackles, which was extremely irritating. You will be rewarded for anticipation."

For the purists

The football purists would have enjoyed the slower, more tactical feel to the early gameplay of FIFA 22, however, that was short-lived as pace once again came to the fore.

The early signs suggest that we could be going back to the original gameplay though, so fingers crossed it's true.

fifa 22 bellingham
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THE BEAUTIFUL GAME - Classy midfielders will rule the centre of the pitch

"Passing and spotting open spaces are heavily rewarded: Switching flanks, passing triangles, one-twos, player runs from attackers and CMs, whether prompted or automatic all finally matter now, just like real-world football.

"Perhaps more Pirlos, Lampards, Gerrards, and Xavis will find their way into teams."

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