FIFA 22 TOTY: What is the Warmup Series promo?

FIFA 22 is gearing up for Team of the Year as voting continues to roll on, but the Warmup Series looks to fill the gap before things get started.

If the latest loading screen has you wondering what's coming, we're taking a look at the Warmup Series promo due to hit FIFA 22 in TOTY.

FIFA 22 TOTY: What is the Warmup Series promo?

Voting is already underway for Team of the Year, and there's plenty of debate about who deserve to make the Ultimate XI.

As voting continues, it looks like FIFA 22 has decided to bring in something new to keep players engaged in Ultimate Team.

The following loading screen has just arrived to announced the Warmup Series for FIFA 22 TOTY.

FIFA 22 TOTY Warmup Series
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THE COUNTDOWN: The clock is ticking for the arrival of the Warmup Series

With the graphic appearing just after 6pm BST on Thursday, it looks like the Warmup Series is now due to arrive in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team on Friday, January 14, 2022 at approximately 6pm BST.

That gives players less than 24 hours to wait before the Warmup Series lands, and it's sure to be an exciting pregame for TOTY.

What new content will the Warmup Series bring to Ultimate Team?

While we're still waiting on official word as to which new cards or types of cards will be included in the Warmup Series, there are a few things to expect.

With the TOTY Nominees already revealed via the voting, there's a chance certain players could get an early nod with a Warmup Series card.

These could be ones who are currently lagging in the voting that EA wants to make sure get a highlight even if they come up short, but they could also hype big names with a slightly lower rated version hitting first in the Warmup Series.

In addition, TOTY Flashbacks seem very possible, as the Team of the Year promo has been a fan favorite in Ultimate Team for years.

FIFA 22 could easily pay homage to some of the great Team of the Year cards released in past seasons with flashbacks as part of the Warmup Series.

With the Warmup Series clearly and definitively linked to the larger Team of the Year promo, we also could see some crossover challenges or SBCs that may help players prepare for the arrival of TOTY.

If you're wondering who looks poised to make win when the dust settles on voting, check out the Ultimate XIs that our own writers selected.

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