FIFA 22: Invest in fodder NOW and make millions of coins in Ultimate Team

With the Headliners promo set to arrive in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team soon, you'll need as many coins as possible in order to take advantage of all the content coming your way!

So, find out how you can make EASY profit from investing in 'fodder' in FUT 22 right here.

What is 'fodder'?

First of all, we need to establish what 'fodder actually means.

In FIFA Ultimate Team, 'fodder' refers to high-rated player cards that are cheap in price due to either their on-pitch performance or their underrated value in the market.

Fodder is very useful in SBCs because of their high OVR rating which can help bring the squad rating up.

Now that we know what fodder actually is, we'll teach you how you can make a huge amount of profit from investing in it in Ultimate Team.

Invest in fodder NOW

It's always worth keeping an eye on the price of fodder, as it fluctuates week by week, depending on which SBCs are available at that time.

You can monitor the prices of different players by heading to FUTBIN.

Let's take Toni Kroos, for example, whose market value is currently around 20,000 coins on all platforms.

fifa 22 kroos futbin
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CAPITALISE - Invest now and make EASY profit

Kroos' value fluctuates a lot and regularly reaches the 25,000-30,000 coin mark and can even surpass 30,000.

So, all you need to do is purchase multiple cards at this price and store them on the transfer list until his price rises, at which time you can sell them for a profit.

The more Toni Kroos' you buy, the more profit you will make.

With a new Icon SBC rumoured to be dropping soon, it would be wise to invest in fodder right now.

The only trouble with this trading method is you will need a fair chunk of coins to start with in order to make a big profit.

Upcoming FUT 22 content

The ever-reliable DonkTrading has revealed some of the content that will be released in FUT 22 soon!

According to DonkTrading on Twitter, the following SBCs will be coming to Ultimate Team:

So, there's plenty of exciting content coming our way, including what we expect to be two massively boosted centre-mid cards for the Showdown SBC ahead of the clash between Liverpool and Chelsea.

It is definitely worth investing in fodder (high-rated cards) now whilst it is cheap, as when the Icon SBC drops the price of these cards will rise.

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