FIFA 22 Trading Tips: Make HUGE profits with Road to the Final coming to an end

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There are several different elements to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and one that often goes under the radar is trading on the FUT market.

RealSport has teamed up with FUT trading expert Denisfut to offer weekly trading advice to help you make bigger profits and bolster your club.

Denisfut can be found on Twitter, and you can also receive daily tips, multi-budget advice, and much more by signing up to his Patreon service for just £10 per month, but hurry, there is limited availability!

Time to buy

As you know, Friday saw the launch of the Road to the Final promo and some great cards were included in the release.

These cards will be upgraded based on if they win/qualify for the next round of their respective competitions, and one of the main aspects of the cards is the dynamic feature.

This means they carry a larger price tag than similar cards as they can improve, but when should you buy them?

Let’s use Kai Havertz as an example. He rose with pre-game hype, then after the Thursday Division Rivals Rewards, he dropped.

We still have supply from Marquee Matchups and Friday Weekend League to come, with last week’s Thursday Marquee Matchups supply offering the cheapest prices.

If teams have already played this week in the UCL, I would buy after 6pm on Thursday, 24 February.

If they are yet to play, the prices should fall after the games are played, but will rise DURING the game.

Most of the RTTF items will rise once they are removed from packs, especially towards the next UCL/UEL gameweek, so selling them pre-game in the next gameweek should coincide with ratings upgrades and rising prices.

Man of the Match madness

The new orange Man of the Match cards will also be heading out of packs on Friday, 25 February, and there are a few nice cards that should rise after the leave such as Cristian Romero, Justin Kluivert, Diogo Jota, John Stones, Paulo Dybala, and Rafael Leao.

Historically in FUT, these items do well out of packs, and most can currently be bought for close to their discard price, with Dybala and Romero a little more expensive.

Personally, I’d look at around 20k for Romero, and less than 50k for Dybala, while the rest can be bought for under 15k.

Those guys are my favourites because of either a league and nation combo, or their position in that league.

They have shown a small demand already, and you are probably looking to hold onto these items for just over a week.

Silver sensations

There is talk of the next promo utilising silver stars and other silver cards, and this could offer plenty of profitable opportunities.

Marquee Matchups usually offer an abundance of silver cards and we often get daily SBCs that need silvers/rares.

This supply should see silver player prices drop, allowing you to pick up players from major nations (Spain, Brazil, Argentina) in great quantities.

There is no doubt that if a promo based on silver items does arrive, these major nations items will be needed for SBCs and/or Objectives.

Ideally, you want to be aiming to buy these players for between 400-600 coins as a maximum but look for a much lower price if you can!

Hold your in-forms


Low-rated in-forms are back at a low price and can be purchased for around the discard price of 10k.

The hold time for these items can be up to two weeks, but could be less if the right content is released by EA.

When the time comes, you will likely make a 50% profit back on these, so even if you store just a few in the club it can be a nice passive income.