FIFA 22: Play nothing but LIQUID FOOTBALL in this new FREE charity kit

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EA has been releasing some awesome kits for some even better causes in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and the latest is currently available to unlock for a limited time only.

We have already seen four sets of anti-racism items made available from, some of the world's biggest leagues and now EA has partnered with Viva con Agua.

A free to unlock objective, this kit will take you now time to add to your club so you can begin raising awareness for the cause straight away.

Viva con Agua

EA has partnered with Viva con Agua in an attempt to raise awareness for clean drinking water around the world.

Viva con Agua is a non-profit organisation based in Hamburg, Germany, campaigning for clean drinking water worldwide.

The partnership has seen a new kit released in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, which you can unlock and add to your club.

Fortunately, the kit looks great so you can not only raise awareness for a great cause but look slick while doing it!

How to unlock

The new EA x Viva con Agua kit is super easy to unlock, and you won't even need to play a specific game mode to complete the objectives.

Start & Expiry Date

Start Date – Monday, 21 March

Expiry Date – Monday, 28 March

How to Unlock

You will need to complete three objectives to unlock the new kit, and the objectives are as straightforward as they come.

They are as follows:

  • Win three matches in any game mode
  • Score five goals in any game mode
  • Assist three goals in any game mode

Completing these objectives will earn you 300 XP each time, with a total of 1,200 XP available, helping you work your way through the Season 5 rewards.

No Room for Racism

Throughout March various leagues will be promoting their different campaigns to help eradicate racism and discrimination of any sort from football, and the wider world.


EA Sports announced partnerships with the Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, and the French Professional Football League to fight racism and help end racial prejudice, bringing vanity items to FIFA 22 so the community can also show their support for the campaigns.

FIFA 22 No Room for Racism Kit
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BLACK AND WHITE - The simple design is well known around the Premier League

One statement read:

EA SPORTS has a long-term commitment in its fight against racism and doesn't tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, harassment or any form of abuse. EA has introduced the Positive Play Charter, a set of community guidelines with clear consequences for players who engage in racist, sexist, homophobic, and abusive acts in its games and channels. Gaming communities should be safe, fun, inclusive environments free of threats, harassment and other toxic or unlawful behavior.

Find out how to unlock all the anti-racism items in FUT 22 here.