FIFA 22 Icon Swaps 2: Combine objectives with this pacey Silver Championship XI

One of the key skills you need to have in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is squad building, whether that is assembling your best team, completing SBCs, or making a competitive team within restrictions.

We've put together a Silver Championship squad to help you complete multiple Icon Swaps 2 objectives at once.

We're playing a flexible 4-3-3, which includes a lot of pace to swarm the opposition, and a few Silver Stars and Silver Stars Series players, who boast much better attributes than their 74 OVR suggests.

Fabricio (OVR 73)

There are a few options in goal, but we think Fabricio is the best choice, despite being on the smaller side for a keeper at 6'0".


  • PlayStation – 1,600 coins
  • Xbox – 1,400 coins

Cyrus Christie (OVR 71)

All our defenders are mobile, so even if they come up against more skilful players they should be able to outrun them.

Cyrus Christie is also 6'2", so will offer some aerial combativeness as well as being quick with 87 Sprint Speed.


  • PlayStation – 1,100 coins
  • Xbox – 1,700 coins

Jake Cooper (OVR 74)

Jake Cooper is one of the secret weapons in the side, available to add to your club via objectives during the Silver Stars Series.

He has the base stats of an 85-rated centre-back, and at 6'6" won't be beaten in the air.


  • PlayStation – 0 coins (objectives)
  • Xbox – 0 coins (objectives)

Antonee Robinson (OVR 73)

Another full-back who is on the taller side, at 6'0" Antonee Robinson should be able to battle it out with most attackers.

With 87 PAC he is also the fastest of the backline, so can sweep up balls in behind.


  • PlayStation – 2,000 coins
  • Xbox – 2,000 coins

Jay Dasilva (OVR 71)

Not as much of a physical presence as the others, Jay Dasilva is small and nippy, able to grab the ball off the opposition and then carry it forward up the pitch.


  • PlayStation – 1,800 coins
  • Xbox – 2,500 coins

Ryan Christie (OVR 74)

There's another Christie in the side, this time Ryan Christie, who can act as a playmaker in midfield.

He isn't too shabby defensively either, so can help out wherever he's needed.

  • PlayStation – 600 coins
  • Xbox – 1,200 coins

Lewis Baker (OVR 74)

Another from the Silver Stars Series, Lewis Baker very nearly makes it into the Gullit Gang!

The guy can do anything in midfield, but will best be used protecting the defence while the men either side of him bomb forward.


  • PlayStation – 0 coins (objectives)
  • Xbox – 0 coins (objectives)

Morgan Gibbs-White (OVR 74)

Morgan Gibbs-White is another player that could have been yours for free, this time via the weekly Silver Stars objectives.

He is the most attack-minded of the midfield, so make sure you get him forward to dictate the play and maybe take a pop from range too.


  • PlayStation – 0 coins (objectives)
  • Xbox – 0 coins (objectives)

Tom Barkhuizen (OVR 71)

Tom Barkhuizen is the quickest man in the league, so of course, he makes the side.

Get him in behind the defence and you'll find his shooting isn't too bad either.


  • PlayStation – 1,900 coins
  • Xbox – 6,000 coins

Troy Deeney (OVR 74)

We hope you managed to complete this Troy Deeney Player Moments SBC when you had the chance, as the card is an absolute beast!

If you didn't there are plenty of attacking options to choose from, however, Deeney is by far the best.


  • PlayStation – 12,950 coins (expired SBC)
  • Xbox – 17,400 coins (expired SBC)

Jeremie Bela (OVR 72)

On the other side of Deeney is Jeremie Bela, another speedster with 91 PAC.

With 74 DRI and four-star skill moves, you should also be able to trick your way past defenders when needed.


  • PlayStation – 2,200 coins
  • Xbox – 3,500 coins

Silver Championship XI

Check out how the full squad will look below:

FIFA 22 Silver Championship Squad
expand image
PACEY PLAYERS - Swarm the opposition with speed all over the pitch

Total cost:

  • PlayStation - 24,150 coins
  • Xbox - 35,100 coins
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