FIFA 22 Liga NOS Football Foundations: Banza leads an attacking line up

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One of the key skills you need to have in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is squad building, whether that is assembling your best team, completing SBCs, or making a competitive team within restrictions.

Squad Foundations objective players have now become available, where you will need to compete in the Live FUT Friendly: Football Foundations mode to complete the requirements.

We have made this Liga Portugal XI full of pace to help you unlock Squad Foundations Uribe, the 86 OVR CM - just make sure you have already completed the Eredivisie Squad Foundations first!

Football Friendly Requirements

First, let's take a look at the requirements that you need to meet for this game mode:

  • Maximum 78 OVR team rating
  • Minimum 7 players from the same league
  • 0 Bronze players
  • No players rated 89 OVR or higher

Paulo Victor (OVR 75)

Nice and simple in goal, Paulo Victor is the lowest rated gold keeper in the league, and will keep the overall rating of the team down.


  • PlayStation – 950 coins
  • Xbox – 950 coins

Pedro Porro (OVR 84)

We're going for three at the back, with Pedro Porro being used as a centre-back.

He was available as an objective reward for reaching level 30 in season 1, so if you missed out on him look to bring in Pepe or Grimaldo.


  • PlayStation – 0 coins (objectives)
  • Xbox – 0 coins (objectives)

Goncalo Inacio (OVR 84)

The first of the three Squad Foundation objectives players included in the squad, Goncalo Inacio will be solid at the back.

Stick a Shadow on him and you have yourself a player with the stats of an 89-rated CB, with 91 PAC.


  • PlayStation – 0 coins (objectives)
  • Xbox – 0 coins (objectives)

Zaidu Sanusi (OVR 76)

Another full-back playing out of position, Zaidu Sanusi has 93 PAC to cover runs in behind.

At 6'0" and with 91 Jumping, he can also give protection from balls into the box.


  • PlayStation – 950 coins
  • Xbox – 900 coins

Jesus Corona (OVR 82)

On the right of a four-man midfield, we have Jesus Corona.

He has decent pace and dribbling along the wing, and great defensive ability to cover for Pedro Porro when you step up with him.


  • PlayStation – 900 coins
  • Xbox – 850 coins

Gedson Fernandes (OVR 77)

There are a couple of workmen in the CM spots, the first being Gedson Fernandes.

He is a great all-rounder, and the better dribbler of the two, so look to use him to carry the ball forward.


  • PlayStation – 900 coins
  • Xbox – 1,300 coins

Mateus Uribe (OVR 79)

The man we're doing these objectives to gain, Mateus Uribe is the second CM.

Another all-rounder, he gives a bit better defensive cover and can take shots from distance.


  • PlayStation – 800 coins
  • Xbox – 1,000 coins

Rafa Soares (OVR 84)

Another full-back out of position, and another objectives player, Rafa Soares is being used on the left of midfield.

Great attributes all over the place, he will offer cover defensively, but we're more interested in his offensive stats.


  • PlayStation – 0 coins (objectives)
  • Xbox – 0 coins (objectives)

Rafa (OVR 85)

Unreal pace on the right-wing is given to the team from Rafa.

On top of that, he has 90 DRI, so can weave past defenders with ease.


  • PlayStation – 0 coins (objectives)
  • Xbox – 0 coins (objectives)

Simon Banza (OVR 88)

Simon Banza is an absolute beast and you should definitely look to complete his SBC.

88 PAC, 92 Finishing, 92 Jumping and 89 Strength, look to get him the ball at any opportunity and he will get it in the net.

If you haven't done the SBC or don't have the coins to do so, the next best option is 82 OVR Mehdi Taremi.



  • PlayStation – 73,950 coins (SBC)
  • Xbox – 78,400 coins (SBC)

Luis Diaz (OVR 80)

Pace on the left-wing is provided by Luis Diaz, with 92 Sprint Speed.

Get him in behind and then cross to Banza waiting in the middle.


  • PlayStation – 900 coins
  • Xbox – 1,100 coins

Not So Super-Subs

To get this team in under the 78 overall rating mark, the bench is full of 65 OVR players, to bring the average down.

There isn't much wiggle room to include better starters,

Liga Portugal Football Foundations XI

Check out how the full squad will look below:

fifa 22 liga portugal football foundation squad
click to enlarge
LOTS OF LEGS - With four players on the wings this team isn't lacking in pace


  • PlayStation – 81,000 coins
  • Xbox – 87,200 coins