Check out what Neymar Jr will likely be rated in FIFA 22

EA's next title is coming over the horizon, and fans want to know whether their favourite stars will be getting an upgrade.

So, check out what Neymar Jr will most likely be rated in FIFA 22 below.

Neymar (OVR 91 → OVR 91)

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PEAKED - Given Neymar hit a 92 rating in FIFA 17, it's a shame he didn't go any higher

Neymar is still tearing it up for PSG, but his title as king of Paris has been lost to Kylian Mbappe.

The Brazilian did sign a four-year extension to his contract earlier this season, so he isn't going anywhere soon - but you do wonder what the rest of his career looks like if he stays in the French capital.

So, we think Neymar will keep his 91 OVR in FIFA 22.

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When is FIFA 22 coming out?

FIFA 22 is still a couple of months away from release, so we do not have an official release date just yet.

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FIFA 21 was slightly delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but this should not impact this year’s release date.

Judging by previous editions of the game, we are expecting FIFA 22 to be released in late September, potentially Friday, 24 September.

Unlike FIFA 21, we expect a demo to be released beforehand giving us a first taste of the new game.

When is FIFA 22 Demo coming out?

With a release date, hopefully, back to normal this year, we should see a demo come out in early September of 2021.

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With the expected release date of FIFA 22 being between Friday, 24 September and Friday, 8 October, the demo should arrive between Friday, 10 September and Friday, 24 September.

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