FIFA 23 Career Mode - How to develop youth team players

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FIFA 23 Career Mode New Signing

FIFA 23 Career Mode has received mixed reviews, with some fans quickly getting bored of the same formula once again.

In order to stave away that boredom, we've come up with some helpful guides to give your save a new lease of life.

Once again, wonderkids remain the lifeblood of any good Career Mode save, and we've got you covered for simple tips to help you develop your club's youth team players.

How to develop youth team players

Youth team players are a key component in any Career Mode save and they are certain to become key as your save progresses.

Youth team players are found by your youth team scouts and will develop in your youth team.

FIFA 23 Jude Bellingham
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SUPER JUDE - Bellingham is one of the best wonderkids in FIFA 23

By the age of 16, these players can be called up in your first-team squad and start to play.

However, there is a vital window between the ages of 16 and 21 where developing these young talents is key, and here's how to make the most of it.

Loan Deals

If you can't get a rising talent into your starting eleven, then definitely utilise the loan market.

Sending your youngster on loan is arguably the easiest way to get them to grow, with the growth system sometimes glitching out and seeing immediate growth as soon as a loan deal is agreed upon.

Even if your player isn't starting for their loan club, there's a very good chance that a good youth prospect will grow around 5 overall marks in a season when out on loan.

Building Fitness

As has been the case for a couple of years in FIFA 23 Career Mode, if your players aren't training, they aren't developing.

FIFA 23 Training Career Mode
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LEVEL UP - Training your youth prospects will help them grow.

Ensuring your youth team prospects get the right amount of training time will help them develop fitness, thus making them ready for a matchday squad.

Failing to include your youth team players at all can be incredibly detrimental to their development.

Game Time


Much of the growth system in FIFA 23 is dependent on match performance, so there's no good leaving them to rot in your reserves with nothing to do.

Getting a wonderkid on the pitch and turning in big performances with them will reap major rewards, with goals, assists and general match ratings certain to help them grow.

Your youth team prospects will soon become special projects in Career Mode, and there's nothing better than finally helping one of your young stars reach the top.