FIFA 23 - Latest EA mistake grants FUT players TWO Icons instead of ONE

There's plenty of content to get our teeth stuck into in FUT 23 at the moment, with loads of giant SBCs currently available to complete.

Countless errors within FIFA 23 Ultimate Team means we are now almost just waiting for the next mistake from EA to surface.

Well, here it is. The latest EA mistake, however, is most definitely a positive for the players affected by the recorrection process.

Comedy of errors

It has been no longer than 24 hours since that last EA error came to fruition and we've already got another one on our hands.

This time it is to do with the World Cup Swaps program yet again, after the three duplicate World Cup Swaps Tokens that were incorrectly released yesterday.

The problem is that the World Cup Icon Player Picks from the Swaps program did not feature a selection of every single World Cup Icon.

We do not know which Icons were omitted from the Player Pick but whether it was Zinedine Zidane or Michael Laudrup, it's not fair on those who opted for that specific Swaps reward.

There are, of course, other ways to unlock Icons within Ultimate Team at the moment, with 87+ Base or Mid Icon Upgrade available to complete now, but there are very few ways of unlocking the special World Cup Icon versions.

Two for the price of one

The World Cup Icon Player Pick would have set you back a whopping 35 Swaps Tokens, just five fewer than the incredible 90 OVR Patrick Vieira card.

So, those of you that spent your hard-earned Tokens on the Icon Player Pick will be glad to know that EA has addressed the mistake immediately.

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ICONS GALORE - Could Zidane be yours in FUT 23?!

EA has stated that the issue has now "been corrected and impacted players will receive a new Player Pick in the coming days."

So, if you have completed the World Cup Icon Player Pick already you will be getting an extra one for free within the next few days.

Those of you who were unlucky the first time around have another shot at claiming one of the best Icons in the game and those of you who did manage to pull a high-value card the first time around can double your money!

All possible World Cup Icons

So, if you're getting another World Cup Icon Player Pick in FUT 23 soon you'll want to know who you can get for real this time!

The following is a list of every single possible World Cup Icon you can get from the Player Pick:

  • Pele (OVR 96)
  • Ronaldo (OVR 95)
  • Zinedine Zidane (OVR 95)
  • Johan Cruyff (OVR 92)
  • Eusebio (OVR 92)
  • Roberto Baggio (OVR 92)
  • Iker Casillas (OVR 91)
  • Samuel Eto'o (OVR 91)
  • Luis Figo (OVR 91)
  • Bobby Moore (OVR 91)
  • Emilio Butragueno (OVR 91)
  • Michael Laudrup (OVR 90)
  • Didier Drogba (OVR 90)
  • Miroslav Klose (OVR 90)
  • Laurent Blanc (OVR 90)
  • Andre Shevchenko (OVR 90)
  • Roberto Carlos (OVR 90)
  • Petr Cech (OVR 90)
  • Emmanuel Petit (OVR 89)
  • Hernan Crespo (OVR 89)
  • Gianluca Zambrotta (OVR 88)
  • Luis Hernandez (OVR 88)

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