FIFA 23 - EA respond after latest Ultimate Team mishap

FIFA 23 Lionel Messi

FIFA 23 Lionel Messi

Team of the Year is well underway in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, with this mega promo bringing huge cards to the game.

When there's excitement, it appears mistakes and frustration don't follow too far behind, with the most recent mishap from EA leaving fans fuming.

EA has, however, issued a response and fix to the issue.

Check below to find out about the latest Ultimate Team error...

Major TOTY Error

With Team of the Year in full swing in Ultimate Team, there are naturally a swarth of mega packs being opened, with some snagging themselves one of those infamous blues.

That's not been the case for everyone, however, with some players receiving World Cup players in an 81+ Rare Players Pack, instead of in forms or Team of the Year cards.

A month or two ago this may not have been a disaster, but these cards are now completely unusable in FUT as they are locked.

This has left many fans fuming, with some saying it's the worst mistake EA has ever made.

This latest error is sure to cause plenty of confusion but may be a wake-up call that Ultimate Team is flooded with too many cards and card types.

EA Responds

As ever, it hasn't taken long for EA to realise their mistake and issue a quick statement.

The statement declares that players who incorrectly received World Cup player Items will receive the correct ones in the coming days.

This could, in theory, mean that some players end up with a spontaneous Team of the Year appearing in their clubs, so keep an eye out!

This isn't the first mistake EA has made during Team of the Year, with Ultimate Team once again leaving a lot to be desired this year.

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