Latest update makes THIS Archetype the new META in FIFA 23

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The next Title Update is set to hit FIFA 23 very soon and EA has already outlined the major changes coming to the game in the patch notes.

As usual, Title Update #9 will bring us gameplay adjustments and bug fixes but this time EA is set to add a brand-new league to the database too.

The most notable gameplay change sees one AcceleRATE archetype significantly buffed to the point where it will almost certainly dominate the meta in the weeks following the update.

We're taking a more in-depth look at the archetype adjustments and how they will affect the FIFA 23 meta going forward.

Archetype BUFFED

For those of you that are unaware, AcceleRATE archetypes are exclusive to next-gen versions of the game and are designed to distinguish between different running styles for players.

AcceleRATE archetypes are split into three categories depending on how fast the players can get off the mark and how long they can maintain a high speed.

This feature is inspired by real-life differences between footballers, where even players with similar speeds can move very differently across the pitch.

The three AcceleRATE archetypes are Controlled, Explosive and Lengthy.

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NEW LEVELS - Player archetypes add a whole new dynamic to FIFA

As part of Title Update #9, EA will buff the Explosive AcceleRATE archetype.

EA has stated the following regarding the archetype changes:

"Players with the Explosive AcceleRATE archetype now accelerate slightly faster during the early stages of a requested sprint."

Now, whilst this adjustment may seem somewhat insignificant, the images released alongside the patch notes clearly show how it will have a big impact on the FIFA 23 gameplay.

Certified new meta

EA has released accompanying images which show how the AcceleRATE archetypes will compare following the release of the Title Update.

As expected, the 'before' freeze frames show that Explosive players get off the mark the quickest but then fall behind both the Lengthy and Controlled players over longer distances.

Explosive players would previously slow down after the initial burst of acceleration as they cannot maintain the high speed.

However, the 'after' freeze frames tell a whole new story.

fifa 23 archetypes changes title update 9
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HERE TO TAKE OVER - Explosive players are about to take over

Now, Explosive players still accelerate quicker than Lengthy and Controlled players but have an even greater lead over short distances.

As well as this, Explosive players now maintain their top speed for longer, meaning they cross the halfway line at the same time as Lengthy players and ahead of Controlled players.

So, we could be about to see a shift away from Lengthy cards and Explosive players completely dominating the Ultimate Team meta going forward.

How to find Explosive players

Finding cards with the Explosive AcceleRATE archetype in FIFA 23 is easy.

In general, Explosive players are shorter and more agile and are able to quickly cover short distances, allowing them to get ahead of their opponents.

The Explosive AcceleRATE archetype can be calculated like this:

  • Agility >= 65
  • (Agility - Strength) >= 15
  • Acceleration >= 74
  • Height <= 180 cm (~ 5’11”)
fifa 23 messi argentina
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META MESSI - Messi is the ideal Explosive player in FIFA 23

If you want a quick and easy method for finding Explosive players, FUTBIN has you covered.

Click on 'Players' and select the 'Misc' filter. Scroll down until you see 'AcceleRATE' and then click on 'Explosive'.

This will show you every single player with an Explosive archetype in FUT 23.

You can even use the 'Explosive (including chemistry style)' filter which will show you all the cards that can become Explosive after chemistry styles are applied.