FIFA 23 First Impressions: New AcceleRATE mechanic a HUGE win for EA

The big day has arrived! We have been lucky enough to be granted early access to FIFA 23 to check out all of the new features in this year's game.

EA is introducing loads of new features this year, with one of the biggest talking points coming in Ultimate Team.

We have put our skills to the test and had a look at all the new features to give you our feedback on the upcoming release.


If you are a seasoned FIFA player, then you may as well skip the tutorials and head straight into a match!

That's what we did, re-playing the Madrid derby as our first full FIFA 23 experience.

The new AcceleRATE feature is noticeable as players don't outrun their opponents as easily, making for a more measured approach to attacking football.

We love this as your decision-making is tested more often, and picking the right pass is vital!

The second most noticeable change is to set-pieces, and while we wasted our opportunities, the new mechanic is going to produce some awesome moments in the game.

Lastly, the new Power Shots provide a similar satisfaction to nailing a drive down the fairway, even when the shot does sail into Row Z!

Ultimate Team

Two major talking points from Ultimate Team are the Chemistry overhaul and the new Moments play mode.

Let's start with the chemistry system that has divided opinion among FUT fans.

fifa 23 rise of mbappe
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GET HIM IN - Make sure to add Mbappe to your club for free

We love it. Not only is assembling an all-star squad easier than ever, but it has provided an extra level of difficulty to Squad Building Challenges, with emphasis on the CHALLENGES.

While it will take some getting used to, we believe the new system is a step in the right direction.

fifa 23 star gallery
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PACK LUCK - The Star Gallery is a great place to add to your squad

New to FUT for the first time is the Moments play mode, and make sure to sign your Kylian Mbappe loan player for a maximum of three matches!

Working through the various challenges will earn your FUT Stars, which can then be traded in the Star Gallery for rewards like packs and loan player items.

Career Mode

Not much has changed in Career Mode, although the layout of each menu has been completely redesigned.

All the basic features remain consistent, with a sleek new transfer hub making deals easy to get over the line.

fifa 23 career mode transfer hub
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SUPER SIGNINGS - The new transfer hub is much more user friendly

One element of the game we were keen to test out was the press conferences, but it does not appear that EA has changed anything on this front.

Let's hope that the bugs and inaccurate questions have been cleared up as we play through more of our save!

Our first impressions of FIFA 23 were played on PS5 and will be added to periodically. Look out for our full review in the coming days!

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