FIFA 23: Users get FUT Hero cards for FREE after item blunder

FIFA 23 is just days away and users are already able to start working on their Ultimate Team thanks to the Web App and Companion App.

However, it hasn't been a smooth launch, with various issues and blunders impacting the game.

This has ranged from general log-in problems, impossible SBCs and wrong player details, leading EA to hand out compensation already!

Heroes for Free

For some reason, FUT Hero items for Lucio and Hidetoshi Nakata were given the wrong league at the launch of FIFA 23, with both supposed to be representing Serie A.

This led to many people looking to get in early on the market spending coins on misleading items.

To make up for this, EA will return the coins spent on the incorrect cards to the users affected, stated to happen in the near future.

This means that the players who got in early on those FUT Heroes will effectively gain them for free!

Issues Adding Up

The FUT Hero error is just one of many plaguing FIFA 23 Ultimate Team at the moment, with the FIFA Direct Communication Twitter account providing a link to the EA SPORTS FIFA Tracker to show the community all their investigations.

As stated on the site:

The EA SPORTS FIFA Tracker is a platform designed to give our players visibility into some of the areas of focus for the EA SPORTS FIFA Development team, including some of the more frequently reported community issues currently being worked on. It also serves as an information hub, allowing quick and easy access to key information being shared by the Development team.

Currently, the issues being investigated are:

  • Some Player Items, including Pele and Jairzinho, do not currently display a name.
  • Some instances of the Nakata and Lucio FUT Heroes Player Items may display incorrect leagues on the Transfer Market. This is a visual issue only, and those Items will display the correct league when obtained or added to Transfer Targets.
  • SBCS with Untradeable rewards do not say "(Untradeable)" next to the rewards.
    • Workaround: Check individual SBC descriptions to see which rewards are listed as Untradeable.
  • Some SBCs currently require exact chemistry instead of minimum chemistry, and they cannot be completed.
  • Some Squad Building Challenges cannot be completed currently, even when requirements are fully met.

It's safe to say that it hasn't been plain sailing since launch and we hope that these are just teething problems that get sorted quick and don't become a recurring problem throughout FIFA 23.

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