FIFA 23 Legacy Edition: Nintendo Switch fans FUME following lack of new additions

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FIFA 23 is just around the corner, with a host of new features being revealed for the console versions of the game.

One console that has not seen any love is the Nintendo Switch, with fans left fuming following another year of no new additions the Legacy Edition.

Nintendo Fans Fume


FIFA on the Nintendo Switch has proven to be a peculiar spectre in recent years, with players not seeing any news additions for a number of years.

Understandably, there had been hope that the arrival of FIFA 23 would signal a change for FIFA 23 on the Nintendo Switch, but that has once again proven to be false.

As Reddit user u/on9_7head demonstrates in the image shared below, FIFA 23 will once again feature no new gameplay features from FIFA 22, which has not seen improvements since FIFA 21, so on and so forth.

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POOR FORM - EA have made NO new additions to FIFA 23 on Nintendo Switch

Many users responded with their criticisms of EA, suggesting that Nintendo Switch players have been completely left behind.

With EA once again charging the high price of £30.95 for exactly the same game released the year before, we can't help but feel as though the long-time developer has majorly dropped the ball when it comes to treating their players with respect.


Trust Issues

EA Sports and FIFA will go their separate ways following FIFA 23, with EA Sports FC likely to arrive towards the end of 2023.

With the potential of two high-priced football games being released in FIFA 23, EA will need to earn the trust of players in order to win the battle.

That being said, episodes like this will not help EA overcome this hurdle, with Nintendo Switch fans likely to have lost all faith in the long-term developer of football's biggest franchise.