FIFA 23 Licenses: BRAND NEW league leaked to arrive

The hype for FIFA 23 is real, with a number of rumours and leaks spilling out over the past few weeks.

The most recent leak has potentially revealed a brand new license that could be arriving in FIFA 23.

Check below for all the details on the latest FIFA 23 leak.

FIFA 23 Brand New League LEAKED

Prolific leaker DonkTrading has taken to Twitter to leak a brand new league that could be arriving in this year's game.

The Vanarama National League (VNL) hasn't yet featured in the FIFA series, but that could all be about to change in FIFA 23.

With Wrexham arriving in the Rest of the World category in FIFA 22, there were rumours that the VNL could arrive last year, however, that rumour did not come to fruition.

Now, with clubs reportedly added to the code and plans in place for the league to arrive, we could finally see the VNL in FIFA.

Career Mode Fans Rejoice

Whilst this latest leak may leave online players feeling a little underwhelmed, it is fantastic news for career mode players.

The arrival of any new league is set to bring excitement, but the arrival of England's 5th tier has been something fans have wanted for years.

Now allowing for a true Road to Glory from non-league to the Premier League, we wouldn't be surprised if the Vanarama National League sees a whole lot of love in FIFA 23.

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