FIFA 23 News: SIX NEW FUT Heroes announced - Premier League legend included

FIFA 23 is just around the corner, with a host of brand new rumours and leaks spilling out regarding this year's game.

Our next piece of confirmed news comes in the form of FUT Heroes, with six new names confirmed to be arriving in this year's game.

Check below to find out the new players that will feature in FIFA 23.

SIX New Heroes Revealed

EA and Marvel have been announcing some of the new Heroes that will arrive in FIFA 23, and today has seen no less than SIX new members added to the roster.

FIFA 23 FUT Heroes
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HEROES CLUB - Six new FUT Heroes have been announced

Premier League legends like Peter Crouch and Dirk Kuyt feature, with a number of stars from around the globe set to take FIFA 23 by storm.

The full list of Heroes revealed is:

  • Peter Crouch as “The Robot”
  • Tomas Brolin as “The Tornado”
  • Harry Kewell as “The Wizard of Aus”
  • Sidney Govou as “The Lion of Lyon”
  • Jean Pierre-Papin as “The Acrobat”
  • Dirk Kuyt as “The Energizer”

These stars join the likes of Yaya Toure, Lucio and Landon Donovan, with more FUT Heroes set to be announced over the coming days.

What are FUT Heroes?

FUT Heroes are similar to Icons, although slightly inferior, as they would not have a green link with all for greater chemistry.

fifa 22 fut heroes
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HEROIC MOMENTS - FUT Heroes are on the way!

They are like minor Icons, with decent stats, but a notch below the best cards in the game.

On top of that, FUT Heroes have unique league-specific chemistry tied to their hero moment, which allows a green Club link to any player within the same league, on top of the usual nation link.

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