FIFA 23: Rumoured arrival of England's 5th tier could REVOLUTIONISE Career Mode

FIFA 23 is just around the corner, with a plethora of news and leaks spilling out regarding this year's game.

The most recent leak has suggested that England's 5th tier - the Vanarama National League - could be making its first-ever appearance in FIFA 23, and we're all for it.

Offering players the chance to start in non-league and work their way to the very top, the arrival of the VNL could completely change the career mode landscape.

VNL Coming to FIFA 23?

The Vanarama National League (VNL) hasn't yet featured in the FIFA series, but that could all be about to change in FIFA 23.

With Wrexham arriving in the Rest of the World category in FIFA 22, there were rumours that the VNL could arrive last year, however, they did not come to fruition.

Now, with clubs reportedly added to the code and plans in place for the league to arrive, we could finally see the VNL in FIFA.

Offering a completely new dimension to career mode, we think this new league could be huge for the game.

A True Road to Glory

Everyone loves an underdog story, and the arrival of the VNL in FIFA 23 could lead to some incredible tales being created by players.

The VNL would be the first 'non-league' division to be included in the FIFA series, and that would open the door to a whole new level of career mode excitement.

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GOING UP - The VNL would unlock major story potential in FIFA 23.

Whether you're scouting youngsters from non-league and signing them for your club or taking a side like Notts County back to the top, the arrival of the VNL would prove infinite possibilities in FIFA 23.

Returning Clubs and Players

As we all know, non-league sides do not feature in FIFA.

Wrexham - largely helped by the hype surrounding their new Hollywood owners - were added into FIFA 22, becoming the first non-league side to feature in the series.

However, the arrival of the VNL in FIFA 23 would see a number of historic sides return, such as Notts County, Barnet and Southend United.

Career Mode fans would no doubt relish the chance to revive some of these fallen giants.

The arrival of the VNL would also see a number of top players enter the game, such as Kabongo Tshimanga, Noor Husin and Rúben Rodrigues.

Whilst these players wouldn't come in with a high rating, they would add much-needed diversity and differentiation within the career mode transfer market.

Club Development

One of the best new features that arrived in FIFA 22 Career Mode was the ability to edit and customise stadiums for sides without a licensed ground.

At the beginning of each season, you would be able to change seat colour, net meshing and even the entire structure if you fancied.

With many career mode players treating their save as something of a story, slowly developing your club's stadium as you progress through the leagues is a minor detail that will go a long way.

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LEVEL UP - The Stadium Developer could play a key role for the VNL in FIFA 23

The same can be said for budgets, with non-league sides famously having to act under different restrictions to EFL and Premier League sides.

In theory, you could build a League One worthy side in the VNL, but that sort of spending would surely come with some pressure.

A Welcome Arrival

We think it's fair to see that the Vanarama National League would be a much-welcomed arrival in FIFA 23.

A league filled with story potential and plenty of fallen giants, the inclusion of this new tier will unlock a new fanbase for EA Sports and expose more people to the joy of local football.

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