FIFA 23 Sabitzer Fantasy FUT SBC Cheapest Solutions

sabitzer fantasy fut fifa 23

sabitzer fantasy fut fifa 23

The Fantasy FUT promo has just gone into its second week in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, with more live cards dropping!

Another Squad Building Challenge has dropped with Team 2, coming for a man on loan at Manchester United.

Check out Marcel Sabitzer's Fantasy FUT card and find out the cheapest way you can unlock his SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team below.

Marcel Sabitzer (OVR 88)

sabitzer fantasy fut fifa 23
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Start Date: Friday, 10 March

Expiry Date: Friday, 17 March

SBC Requirements

You will need to submit four squads in order to unlock the 88-rated player, with the requirements as follows:

Manchester United

  • Minimum one Manchester United player
  • Minimum 82 Squad Rating

Reward - 1 x Small Electrum Players Pack

Premier League

  • Minimum one Premier League player
  • Minimum 84 Squad Rating

Reward - 1 x Premium Electrum Players Pack

Top Form

  • Minimum one TOTW player
  • Minimum 85 Squad Rating

Reward - 1 x Prime Mixed Players Pack

86-Rated Squad

  • Minimum 86 Squad Rating

Reward - 1 x Rare Gold Pack

Estimated Cost - 272,550 coins


You can use the following players to complete the Fantasy FUT Marcel Sabitzer SBCs:

Manchester United

sabitzer fantasy fut sbc solution manchester united
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Premier League

sabitzer fantasy fut sbc solution premier league
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Top Form

sabitzer fantasy fut sbc solution top form
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86-Rated Squad

sabitzer fantasy fut sbc solution 86-rated squad
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This is just one of many solutions that can be found by using the easySBC AI. To get your own solution, go try it out at

Worth It?

Many people are already slating the cost of Marcel Sabitzer's Fantasy FUT SBC, and it's easy to see why, however, we think those people are wrong!

As a live card, you can't just judge it from the current stats, but must imagine it with possible upgrades.

We think Sabitzer will have a guaranteed +2, with Manchester United certain to win one of their next six domestic league matches and the Austrian appearing in all league matches since his loan move.

It's unlikely he will gain the performance upgrade from scoring and assisting two goals, with a slight chance of United going unbeaten in six games, although they will meet Newcastle, Chelsea and Tottenham in that time.

You will probably want to put a Shadow chemistry style on him to increase his speed and defensive abilities as much as possible.

With the +2 and a Shadow, his card stats would look something like this:

sabitzer fantasy fut upgrade concept fifa 23
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That gives him similar stats to World Cup Hero Xabi Alonso (whose SBC cost around 450,000 coins) and WC FUT Hero Yaya Toure (who is selling for 3.2 million coins).

The downside is that you will have to wait for the upgrades to go live, and by that time there could be a superior alternative.

If you're after a box-to-box Premier League midfielder you won't find much better than Sabitzer at the moment.

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