FIFA 23: Will 'The Journey' Return?

FIFA 23 is just around the corner, with a host of leaks and rumours already surfacing regarding the brand new game.

With fans eagerly scanning for news, a question has emerged amongst the community: will 'The Journey' return?

We've got you covered as to whether you'll be taking to pitch as Alex Hunter once more in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 - The Journey

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like 'The Journey' will be making a triumphant return in FIFA 23.

Alex Hunter has been away from our consoles for a few years and whilst not everyone was a fan of the mode, we still think there was merit in some of the ideas.

With FIFA 23 set to further deep-dive into established modes such as Career Mode, VOLTA and Ultimate Team, it's almost certain that this year's game will not feature a story mode akin to 'The Journey'.

What is 'The Journey'?

'The Journey' was a narrative-based mode that featured in FIFA 17, FIFA 18 and FIFA 19, implementing story elements in the franchise for the very first time.

The multi-game story covered the life and career of Alex Hunter, a budding England international who became a global superstar.

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SUPER ALEX HUNTER - The Journey put you in the boots of a young footballing star

Whilst the mode wasn't a huge hit amongst fans, it certainly permitted EA to be more creative in their approach and added a much-needed distraction from online play.

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