FIFA 24 Icons - Every Legend CONFIRMED for this year's game

FIFA 24 Icons Fernando Torres

FIFA 24 Icons Fernando Torres

The release of FIFA 24 is just around the corner, with a new era beginning in sports gaming.

With EA and FIFA parting ways, the game as we know it will now be named EA Sports FC.

Check below for every Icon set to feature in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 24 Icons

FIFA 24 will no doubt expand upon the roster of Icons that feature in Ultimate Team.

Card types that celebrate legends from years gone by, Icons are only awarded to the very best legends that have hung up their boots.

From Pele to Fernando Torres, a host of new Icons have been introduced throughout the years and FIFA 24 is looking to be no different.

What are Icons?

Icon cards are some of the most powerful in Ultimate Team and are given to legends of the game who have now retired.

There are presently 100 Icon cards in FIFA 23, each with multiple card variants, starting with Base Icon cards and upgrading from there.

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CLASS OF 23 - 100 Icons are available in FUT 23

They are extremely rare to pack, so the most likely way to get them in your squad is through regular SBCs that offer either a specific player as a reward or through the annual Icons Swaps season in Ultimate Team.

New Icon Predictions

EA Sports usually introduce new Icons every year, with some stars potentially exiting due to contractual or licensing issues.

With that in mind, here are three players that we believe could be added as Icons in FIFA 24:

  • David Villa
  • Jimmy Greaves
  • Francesco Totti

All of the names mentioned above are legends in their own rights, and none of them have pre-existing license deals with a FIFA competitor.

Villa and Greaves are goalscoring legends that deserved to be honoured, and we'd love to see Totti return to FUT as one of the classiest Icon cards in the game.

Icon Card Types

Every Icon has three main card variants - Base, Mid and Prime.

The Base Icon is the lowest rated of the lot, with the ratings increasing with the Mid and Prime versions.

In past titles, we have had Prime Icon Moments cards, which were the highest-rated version of Icons in the game, however, EA has introduced the new Campaign Icon type this season.

These will be released at various stages in the FUT cycle and will coincide with the promo of the time.

This has been done so that Icons feel more in line with the power creep that happens throughout the Ultimate Team campaign, with EA stating in their Pitch Notes for FIFA 23:

Through smaller, more frequent Campaign ICON releases as part of our campaigns, our hope is that ICONs will feel in-line with campaign content as we go deeper into the FUT 23 cycle, helping maintain their legendary status.

We will update this page regularly as more Icon info is confirmed for FIFA 24.

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