FIFA 24 Name - What will the new game be called?

Amid plenty of speculation on social media, fans of the FIFA franchise want to know what the game will actually be named for the release of this year's new title.

Before we get into the name, we need to fill you in on what's been going on.

EA Sports has announced that FIFA 23 will be the last in its long-running series and will be replaced by a new title.

The reason for the split between FIFA and EA Sports is predictably down to money as the two organisations struggled to renegotiate their long-standing deal.

So, what will FIFA 24 actually be called?

What will FIFA 24 be called?

It's official - the FIFA game as we know it will now be named 'EA Sports FC'.

The company said the newly titled football sim will offer the "same great experiences, modes, leagues, tournaments, clubs and athletes."

So, we can expect a very similar game to that of the recent editions of FIFA, only with a new name.

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NEW BEGINNINGS - EA Sports FC is taking over

In the company’s new franchise EA Sports FC, they will retain its league, player and stadium naming rights from FIFA 23, with a few minor adjustments expected.

It may take some getting used to the new name, but EA Sports FC won't sway too far away from the old game in reality.

Game modes

The ever-reliable @UTSources has revealed a number of game modes that will feature in EA Sports FC.

Career Mode and Ultimate Team will be returning for the new game, with an Online Career Mode rumoured to be included this year.

Online Career Mode is something that we have never seen in a FIFA title so it's hard to predict what it could look like.

Perhaps Online Career Mode will evolve into a social mode, allowing you and your friends to play together in a private league.

Pro Clubs, Kick Off Mode, Online Seasons and Tournaments will all be playable in EA Sports FC too.

It remains to be seen whether Co-Op Seasons or House Rules Kick Off games will be included in EA Sports FC.

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