FIFA 2K Rumours Spark Excitement

Credit: @theinfinityfc

Credit: @theinfinityfc

There is some huge news in the football gaming world this week, with FIFA and 2K rumoured to announce a partnership, which means there could be a new football game coming soon!

For years EA FC, formerly known as FIFA, has stood at the top of the football gaming podium with its immersive in-game football experience. However, since EA and FIFA ended relations in 2023 after 30 years, there could be a new developer creating a football video game.

FIFA 2K rumours

The football gaming world has been sent into a frenzy over the past 24 hours, with Senior Editor at Insider Gaming @MikeStrawMedia posting information which suggested that FIFA and 2K are working to announce a partnership for 2K to make an officially licensed FIFA game.

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This is game-changing for the football gaming world, and EA FC could finally have some competition which could be exciting for both parties.

With both EA and 2K releasing a football simulation game, fans will have the choice between the two, and this could cause some improvements in future titles, which football gamers would love to see!

FIFA 2K community reaction

Fans of FIFA and EA FC have expressed their feelings towards this rumour, and the general feeling is that of excitement.

EA has produced a football video game for 30 years and apart from the early 2000s, the competition has never been at a point where gamers have to choose between two different video games, as Konami and PES, now eFootball, always had licensing issues.

That being said, with 2K now in the picture for an upcoming FIFA game, licensing won't be an issue, and fans are eager to see what the future holds.

@NYKchazza said: "Imagine 2K actually get the FIFA rights...
"I genuinely think that would be the end of EA's monopoly on the market.
"Imagine the park/neighbourhood but with football.
"No one is competing with that!"

Whilst anticipation for the next announcement keeps fans excited, some popular personalities from the FC 24 community have their doubts about the upcoming game which has been rumoured.

@ChuBoi posted "Announcing a World Cup '26 game would make sense, that's my bet.
"But if you think EA's servers are bad... my brothers in Christ, you ain't seen nothing.
"NBA 2K players would give their lives for FC servers!"

FIFA 2K expectations

With FIFA and 2K expected to make a partnership official, this opens up some incredible possibilities for the future of football gaming, and we could be about to experience some insane new features in the future.

That being said let's take a look at what could come to FIFA 2K if it was to release for the 2025 season.

FIFA 2K Game Modes

Firstly, let's talk about the game modes, and what 2K can do to compete with EA FC.

NBA 2K has had a long history of storyline MyCareer modes and has focused on the use of actors and motion capture to create a story as you try and take your player into the NBA.

EA made The Journey which was a great game mode, however, once the story finished, so did The Journey, whereas MyCareer continues until you choose to retire, plus you can use your own character.

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Alex Hunter - The Journey

Furthermore, we could see a MyCareer mode in FIFA 2K, which would be fantastic and could feature some former players, etc.

MyTeam is very much the Ultimate Team of NBA 2K, and will likely be the main competitor with Ultimate Team if the rumours come true.

Much like UT, players will be able to spend real money on packs, with one exciting addition that could transfer over from other 2K games, being Locker Codes, where gamers can get players for free.

Otherwise, things will be fairly similar and players will still be able to build their Ultimate Team through playing games, completing challenges, and opening packs.

MyPark / Neighborhood

This is the most exciting addition to NBA 2K for many fans, and a football version of this would be exciting.

EA has attempted to create this type of vibe in the VOLTA game mode, with players able to drop into arcade games such as Dodgeball, etc, however, the Neighborhood in NBA 2K is a different level.

Players can walk around, drop into matches, visit the gym, go shopping, and even get their haircut, all whilst playing with their friends, creating a free mode open world type of feeling within the game, and if replicated properly into FIFA 2K could be the game changer.

What makes things even better is that the player you use in the Neighborhood is the same player from your MyCareer save, meaning you can upgrade their abilities whilst playing with friends.

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Volta Football

If rumours are true then the future of football gaming is an exciting one, and players who have played FIFA for their entire lives may finally have an alternative to consider when it comes to a football simulation video game.

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