5 Features we'd LOVE to see in FIFA 2K

FIFA 2K: 5 Features We Would Love To See

FIFA 2K: 5 Features We Would Love To See

There has been some huge news in the football gaming world this week, with rumours circulating that FIFA and 2K will begin a partnership to develop a football video game franchise in the future.

With social media in a frenzy at the moment, thinking of the endless possibilities that this partnership could provide, we have collected a list of five features we would love to see in a possible FIFA 2K game down the line.

Whilst information is still based on rumours, if FIFA 2K did become a thing, we believe that these five features could make choosing between FIFA 2K and EA FC much more difficult, so let's check out our FIFA 2K wish list.

FIFA 2K Wishlist

Some huge rumours have hit social media this week, with talks of a partnership between FIFA and 2K formulating, meaning a new football video game could be in the works.

FIFA 2K Features Wishlist
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The development of this game could be epic and with 2K's experience with the NBA, FIFA looks to be putting the making of their new video game in good hands.

After their 30 year relationship with EA came to an end after FIFA 23, many fans believed that EA would struggle to find the licenses to produce a game the scale of previous FIFAs, but FC 24 is proving to be just as good, if not better, now that EA is no longer tied down to the FIFA contract.

That being said, if rumours are true, then FIFA will want to regain their crown for the best football video game, which could see FC 24 fans make the move to FIFA 2K.

So with that in mind, we are going to discuss five features and improvements that we'd love to see in FIFA 2K, that will help compete with EA FC.

MyPark / Neighbourhood

This feature has to be included in FIFA 2K if it was to be released and is a huge part of the NBA 2K gaming community. Combining football with street football would help create an environment like no other, and FIFA needs to follow the 2K way.

By allowing players to free roam into drop-in five-a-side matches, visit stores to buy new football clothes, get haircuts, and train in the gym, this would make for an insanely immersive experience, and attach players to their pro better than EA FC could.

This is something VOLTA has struggled to get to grips with in EA FC, and although the arcade-type games are fun, a Neighbourhood game mode would be on another level.

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NBA 2k24 MyPark

Make Career Mode fun again

Many Career Mode fans feel as if their favourite game mode has been neglected for years with Ultimate Team taking the glory, and despite minor adjustments in FC 24, Career Mode has largely been the same for a long time.

In FIFA 2K, we would love to see an Online Career Mode where you can compete with friends from two different clubs, which is something you can do in Football Manager. Bring this to the game, with officially licensed teams and players and it would make for a really fun game mode.

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FC 24 Career Mode

Licensed Leagues

One thing that EA FC is known for is the insane amount of teams that are officially licensed in the game, along with real player face scans and stadiums. FIFA shouldn't have an issue with this also, and it would be great to see both games with full licensing alike.

Although this is probably easier said than done, we would also like to see more teams licensed, especially those in Italy that aren't in EA FC, and perhaps more leagues such as the Brazilian Serie A, and J League.

FIFA 2K Wishlist
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FC 24 Licensed Leagues

Ultimate Team Competitor

Ultimate Team is the most favoured game mode in FC 24 and has been EA's breadmaker for decades. As for NBA 2K, MyTeam is the Ultimate Team of their franchise and it's something we could see in FIFA 2K if it were to release.

Collecting cards, and completing online against opponents for rewards has a similar feel, although NBA 2K has more of a scrapbook feel, and it would be cool to see how many cards you can collect by completing challenges and opening packs, without a transfer market, and by making every card in the game attainable, even if difficult.

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NBA 2K23 MyTeam

Improved Soundtrack

Now this one could be an unpopular opinion, but for the past few years, the soundtrack on EA FC/FIFA has been poor, featuring songs that just haven't hit the spot. Looking back at old-school FIFA songs, there were some incredible tunes, and we think FIFA 2K would be insane.

NBA 2K has a fantastic soundtrack each year, with many current songs from artists around the world, whereas EA FC tends to use songs from newer or upcoming artists. Although music is selective and dependent on taste, we would love to see a star-studded soundtrack which would make for a much better gaming experience.

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FC 24 Soundtrack

Which features would you like to see in FIFA 2K and do you agree with our choices?

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